141 – King Aldfrith and St. Wilfrid

Ok, when we left off, Bishop Wilfrid was jilted out of the Archbishopric of Canterbury, and instead Abbot Beorhtwald became Archbishop Beorhtwald. So Wilfrid readjusted and made an attempt to reunify the Bishopric of York and then head it up. But King Aldfrith didn’t agree and, presumably because the Wilfrid wouldn’t let it drop, he banished Wilfrid out of Northumbria. And then, when Wilfrid fled to Mercia and became the Bishop of the Middle Angles, King Aldfrith reclaimed the lands at Ripon which were once held by Wilfrid.

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    1. She made it through the surgery safely (though it was more complex than expected) and we’re waiting until next week to get the results of whether they have to do more.

  1. Another awesome episode

    I’ve been catching up on your back catalog and boy, there’s so much good stuff I’ve just decided to try and catch up on the Dark Ages. I’ve never found someone talking about the Anglo-Saxons in this much detail before, it’s always been “Oh they built some huts and dumped a load of treasure in Sutton Hoo”. You can’t appreciate how important Sutton Hoo is if there’s no background provided for it.

    Just wanted to say thank you for doing this cool podcast :)

  2. Thanks Jamie, I did listen all the way through, found it very interesting, although not into “Ancient History” you made it interesting; how did you manage to keep Molly quiet all that time! she never changes and we wouldn’t want her to, that infectious laugh etc.;thanks for giving me the link. Diane x

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