140 – Wilfrid: How to Win Friends and Influence People

Today’s episode will take place in the turbulent years from 686 to 692 and the main characters will be…

Aldfrith – King of Mercia, son of Oswiu, brother of Ecgfrith, and scholarly dude.

Wilfrid – Former Bishop of York, friend of the terrifying pagan king Caedwalla, and man you really don’t want to cross.

and Aethelred – King of Mercia, son of Penda, brother of Wulfhere, and (despite his rather pious upbringing) he really was his father’s son.

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  1. Hey, great podcast! It’s my first introduction to Anglo-Saxon history, I will probably be reviewing a couple times to straighten out all the Os’s Wald’s and Red’s.

    Quick unrelated question…what’s the song that’s played around 16:41? The soulful brass music?

  2. Did a double take on the title after I heard you say “how to win FRANCE and influence people” in the intro : )

    1. Did I say Mercia? Yikes! That was just a misstatement (I am bound to have one or two, since I’ve got hundreds of episodes out there). Sorry! :/

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