History the way it is meant to be heard

History is human. History is drama. History is our story, and it belongs to all of us.

The BHP is a chronological retelling of the history of Britain with a particular focus upon the lives of the people. You won’t find a dry recounting of dates and battles here, but instead you’ll learn about who these people were and how their desires, fears, and flaws shaped the scope of this island at the edge of the world.

This show is intended to be listened to in order, if you start with the most recent episode you will almost certainly become lost. So if you’re new, why don’t you listen to the first episode and find out what the show is all about.

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Reviews from Real Listeners

  • A wealth of knowledge but presented in an engaging format. I stumbled upon this Podcast and have been thankful that I did. I have learned so much about the History of Britain, as well as, my family history! This is one of my favorite shows and I love to pick random shows and listen while I garden, cook, clean or drive. We are visiting England in September for the first time and I feel a great sense of pride for the country! Keep up the fantastic job!!!!

    Kat Smith
  • I stumbled across this podcast on Google Play about a month ago. It has quickly become part of my commuting ritual. As soon as I start the engine, the very next thing I do is press play.... and I have been known to sit in the drive after I get home if I've hit an especially compelling part of the story. My only dilemma is that at my rate of listening (I'm on episode 106 now) I'll be caught up and waiting for new episodes by the end of summer.

    Ian Smith
  • I love this podcast! Unfortunately I cannot afford to be a member (ZAR do not stretch as far as US$) but I have listened to every single episode. I found it by accident last year and the gaps (read gaping great holes) in my knowledge of English history, which was not part of the curriculum of South African schools, has grown exponentially with each episode. I love the quirky factoids dropped here and there and the easy listening style of the podcast. The depth and breadth of the research is evident in each episode. Thank you so much for hours and hours of listening pleasure!

    Tracey Wild
  • Great podcast. I stumbled across BHP last year during the episodes concerning Alfred and family. This happens to be a favorite period of time for me but, gosh, Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians was awesome. My interest was piqued by the show, The Last Kingdom in which Æthelflæd was portrayed at a young age, just married to Aethelred. I've always been facinated by AEthelflaed but never knew her accomplishments! Nice to have a heroine.

    Jamie's research is phenomenal and I love the fact that he utilizes current vernacular and never assumes we know something. I've listened to these recent episodes many times over and must admit, I wait impatiently for the next one.

    Debbie Almony Aston
  • I literally wanted to know the history of my own country (Britain) from the ground up through audio, I’m up to episode 20 and I can tell you Jamie is THE MAN. Great sense of humour, with good thorough storytelling but he backs everything up with facts and sources. As a history fan and wanting to know more about my own countries past, I cannot wait to hear the rest of this. Jamie if you’re reading, keep it up we love it. Well, I do anyway. Some of your jokes and the music you have coming on at certain moments genuinely put me into tears. One certain part about what the Caledonians would have called the Romans being “olive oil *****” had me in tears while doing my food shop. Keep it up, we all love it and you!

    Cameron Petrie