The Podcast isn't working correctly on my iPhone/Android/Computer/etc!

This is a common question. Generally, you can solve the problem with one of these solutions.

I can't access the main podcast!

I am subscribed but I can't find all the episodes on my app!

  • This is almost always an issue with your program or device, and you probably need to manually download the episodes.
  • If you don't know how to do that, try Googling the name of your program and a string like "how do I download all the episodes of a podcast." Here's an example of a search like that for iTunes.
  • Double check that you're properly subscribed.
  • Power cycle your device, wait a little bit, and try again. It's possible that your device went haywire, or the site is getting hammered.
  • If the problem persists, try contacting tech support for your app or device. Almost always, this is an error in how your app or device is set up.

I can't access the members episodes, transcripts, or timeline!

  • Only members can access that material. If you aren't yet a member, you can sign up by clicking here.
  • If you're a member, make sure you're logged in to the site by clicking here.
  • If you became a member before May 2016, you will need to set up a new feed on your device because the old feed has retired.
  • Instructions on how to set up the members episodes on your devices can be found in your Account Page.

I don't know what my username is!

  • You can login using the email address associated with your Membership (ie, your email address you use on PayPal, Stripe, or Amazon).

I don't know what my password is!

I wrote to you but haven't heard back!

  • Wait one full business day before you panic. I'm really busy and I'm told that I'm supposed to schedule time for sleep on occasion.
  • Also, if your email isn't a hair-on-fire issue, you might not get a response right away. I do my best but I have to triage certain issues, so sometimes there are delays in my response time.
  • If you have a hair-on-fire issue, and it's been a business day without a response, email me again. It's possible that something went wrong and I just didn't see it.