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253 – Anglo Saxon Market Towns in the Viking Age

Cultures change all the time – yours is changing right now, in ways you may or may not realize. It’s a completely normal, everyday fact that has been with humanity since we began. Probably before we began. And yet, telling the story of how a culture changed is extremely challenging. Cultural shifts are messy, they’re chaotic, and they come with… Read more →

252 – The Coming of the Anglo-Scandinavians

At the start of 867, there were four major Anglo-Saxon kingdoms in Britain. By 874, three of the four – Northumbria, East Anglia, and Mercia – had lost their independence. That’s a timespan of only 7 years, and in that 7 years the political landscape of Britain had changed dramatically and permanently. That’s insane. For scale, that’s just barely longer… Read more →

Members Only 88 – The Making of King Edward the Elder

Edward, son of Alfred, had a rather strange name for someone who was in line to take the throne. Edward isn’t something that appears in previous West Saxon royal lineages. The house of Wessex preferred AEthel for their children. King AEthelwulf named his children AEthelstan, AEthelred, AEthelbald, AEthelberht, AEthelswith…. Names that boasted of the family’s nobility or, in the case… Read more →

247 – Our Wooden Wall

The Danes encamped at Bridgnorth had been campaigning for years. Many had come here with Haesten and the Appledore fleet. They were the veterans of the continental campaigns. And for years now they had been fighting tooth and nail with the Anglo Saxons. But despite all the time they had spent here. Despite their massive numbers, their surprise marches, their… Read more →