About the Podcast

What Is This Podcast?

The British History Podcast is a chronological telling of the story of Britain. I started in the Ice Age, and I’ve been steadily moving forward ever since. The focus of this podcast is upon the human drama that is played out in history. Rather than providing a dry recount of dates and names, I am doing my best to provide a three dimensional image of what these people, places, and events were like. The people I’m speaking about were real flesh and blood individuals with dreams, fears, and flaws. And where the information is available, I intend to highlight those aspects for you. You can learn more about my perspective in my interview with Podster Magazine.  Recently we were interviewed for a sort of Behind the Music thing where we talked about the show’s development and even a little bit about Zee and I’s romance.

The podcast has been featured on iTunes, was a Finalist for Best Educational Podcast by The Podcast Awards, was recommended by the Portland Mercury, Medievalists.net, Playing With The Past, and The National Trust for Scotland USA. It’s also been recommended for fans of Serial, recommended by Parade Magazine , and was recommended by Harper’s Magazine.

Also, Oprah recommends our show and we have appeared in Forbes.  Which was a sentence that I never thought I’d type.

Why Start This Project?

Well, a couple of reasons. The first is because far too many people think they hate history, and instead what they hate is the way it was taught to them when they were young. Almost everyone loves stories, and our earliest histories came in the form of stories retold in social settings. The Podcasting environment allows us to reconnect to that ancient tradition of oral histories.

Second, something I’m rather passionate about is the democratization of knowledge. There tend to be a great deal of barriers between information and the people who seek it, often those barriers are economic, social, or geographic. The internet allows us to break through some of those barriers. And since history belongs to all of us, I think it’s important that we make this information available.

And finally, this is the best creative outlet I’ve ever had. I absolutely love doing it!

Here’s an interview I had with Medievalists.Net regarding the goals of the show and why I do it.

I also took part in two AMA’s (“ask me anything”) on Reddit where I answered questions about the show and addressed the challenges of communicating history. You can also listen to the interviews that I did with The History of Philosophy, Interesting Times, and The Life of Caesar, where I answered questions about the show, podcasting, and (of course) history.

About the Host @BritishPodcast

Well, in terms of degrees I have a Juris Doctorate and a BA in English. Actually, you could say that my entire educational career has been focused upon researching and developing compelling narratives, and I try to use that experience here.

With regard to my accent, because I often get questions on that, I’m an immigrant from the UK living in the US. I went through American schooling and over the course of the years have acquired a West Coast American accent.

As far as personal stuff stuff about me… I love to read, I’ve been known to engage in geeky past-times (other than podcasting), and I have quite a few little creative side projects. I once worked on a board game but now pretty much all of my effort goes into creating the BHP.

Kerouac, my three-legged cross-eyed toothless cattle dog who you likely heard about in the show, died of cancer in October of 2012. I still miss the hell out of him and always will.

I live in Portland, Oregon. I love IPAs, Thai food, and coffee… so I’m pretty stereotypical in that regard. Though, I refuse to pretend that PBR is good beer, no matter how trendy it is.

About Doctor Zee @DecodeTheNews

First off, yes Dr. Zee really does look like Violet from Rat Queens. She kind of acts like her, as well. And yes, she really is a Doctor. She has degrees in Physical Anthropology, Sociology, and Media.

Most of the high level decisions made on the direction of the show are the result of discussions between myself and Zee. She also edits the scripts to ensure the narrative and delivery remain tight. Her editing doesn’t extend to grammar, however, largely because Dr. Zee wouldn’t know what to do with a comma if her life depended on it. If you’re a member, you’re probably most familiar with her from her appearance in the Shop Talk series on the Member’s Episodes.

Beyond looking kind of bad ass, and having a stink-eye that can shake you to your core, she’s also quite the scholar.  Her PhD basically predicted what happened in 2016 and was so well received that her defense consisted of everyone just congratulating her.  And for good reason, it’s a really good PhD. It’s also really dense, so if you don’t want to read hundreds of pages of complex academic material here’s my book report on it.

When she isn’t editing episodes and deleting puns from the scripts, she works as a Research Analyst for the government. I’m not saying that she’s a wiretapping spook working for MI5, but she does go by a single letter.

Just saying.

About The Artist Lee Moyer

Our artist is Lee Moyer.

Lee Moyer’s award-winning work has been exhibited in NYC, LA, London and Helsinki – as well as China’s ‘Top Artist’ magazine.

He was a docent at the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum, Art Director for EA, Lead Concept Artist for Dungeons & Dragons, and co-creator of games ‘13th Age’ and ‘Cursed Court’.

He has illustrated world-premiere posters for Stephens Sondheim and King, Tori Amos, 6 Laurel & Hardy films, ‘Call of Cthulhu’, and many more.

Currently, it is his talented hand behind the new illustration of Penda and we are working on new projects with him that we’re quite excited to show you.

If you would like to hire him for contract work, you can contact Lee here.

About The Artist Kat Moss

Kat Moss is the person behind the popular Hipster Hadrian and Boudica icons.

Kat has over 10 years of experience as a designer and creative director, and honestly a lifetime of experience as an artist. She can work in damn near any medium, and always produces quality work.

She’s also funny as hell and makes an absolutely killer curry. Though, I’m not sure if she offers that to all of her clients.

If you think you’d like to hire her for some contract work, you can reach her here.

Contacting Us

You can email us at [email protected]

The theme music is Forward by Northbound, licensed under Creative Commons.


  1. “We also have a 3 legged, cross eyed, cauliflower eared, toothless, triple cancer surviving Cattle Dog named Kerouac.”

    If you claimed that his name was Lucky, ironic though it may be, it would have stretched credibility a tad too much. Assuming your description of him is accurate, perhaps his name ought to be Superstes or perhaps Belífend.

    1. Oh he’s absolutely real. He’s actually added a new malady to his list. Now he also has second stage kidney disease. But he’s still rocking it out and is quite happy about life, so I’m just trying to keep him comfortable and maintain his quality of life for as long as I can. :)

      1. I recentlly discovered your podcast. Love it. We had a three legged cat that had a sex change operation.

  2. Nice to put a face to the voice. Gillan, your other fan from
    This family says you look like your voice. I agree. Thank you so much for the podcast. Will be joining the membership within the week.

    1. Hehe, that’s good to hear! You know, I had a listener tell me I sounded like a young George Clooney a few months back. I was really tempted to use a photo of him. ;)

      (As a side note: my friends and family were hearing about that George Clooney comment for weeks. Hehe)

  3. Okay, Jamie, you’ve satisfied half our curiosity with a photo of you … now when do we get to see a photo of Kerouac???

  4. Regarding best historic movies … no mention of The Lion In Winter? Wow, my favorite movie ever. Plantagenets … Henry II by O’Tool, Eleanor by Hepburn, Richard I by Hopkins. Amazing dialog. You’ll love it.

  5. Hi Jamie. Absolutely loving your show. Came across it through searching for info on Ragnar, as a huge fan of the Vikings TV show (yeah I know you have your beef with it but it’s great entertainment). Been ploughing through the back catalog starting from the very beginning. Also a big fan of The Last a Kingdom on The Beeb so looking forward to cross referencing that period shortly.

    Took me a couple of years to get through The History Of Rome (which I also loved) so it will be a while before I am listening in real time. I too am a Brit living in California, but I came here in my late twenties so I still have my accent intact ???

    Anyhow, as an ex podcast producer myself I have to ask how much time each episode takes to produce each week, and how much post production you do on each episode?

    Anyway. Thanks again for the great work
    Æthelbone The Idle

    1. I’m glad you found the show, Adam! And it’s totally ok that you like Vikings, as I’m going to mention in an upcoming episode, I like Arrow. So we all have our guilty pleasures. ;)

      The show is a full time job. Research, writing, production, tech support for listeners and members, answering emails, and handling social media all work out to a full time job. But on the upside, I love what I do so I really can’t complain!

  6. Just discovered the show and now desperately trying to catch up! On episode 9 of 186 so I shall be listening pretty much full time for a while. Good company on dark wet do walks so thanks for that.

  7. Just started listening and I’m hooked! I appreciate the humorous tone at times, while still sticking to the subject at hand. I lived in The Suffolk part of England with the Air Force (my husband was in, not me) and became obsessed with British history. Don’t know why it took me so long to find the podcast. Still only on episode 5, but anxious to get to more. We actually lived right by West Stow, which is the location of the Anglo Saxon Village which was fascinating. And one of our first explorations of England on my husband’s first spare weekend, we went to Hastings because I had to see where the battle took place. Thanks for the podcast!

  8. Greetings Jamie. I’d like to feed back to you that I appreciate the quality product that you’re putting out (I’ll buy a membership soon!). I have a hunger for understanding past, and it unexpectedly turns out that podcasting is filling the void of the limited schooling that we get. There are several podcasts that are absolute gems (yours included), and the common theme is that the authors are spending a lot of time looking at primary and secondary sources. It’s really important to me for the authors to say they’ve looked at the material, stated what it is and summarized the points being made. It’s important to say that we don’t know the answers to things when source material is lacking. Incorporating archeology and linguistic evidence strengthens historical arguments. I have another profession, and don’t have the time research these things. Thank you for sharing what you know and are learning.

  9. Hello

    I receive the new password and enter it into the system but it keeps telling me that it does not recognize the new password.

    What I am I doing wrong?

    Thanks ever so much


  10. Jab Abumrad look out, because here’s a guy that can really pick the right music to liven the better meaning out of his topics. Love your music choices, which compliment your topics every podcast. Also comment on the episode where you discuss that you’ve been hit with comments of being a little slow, and just wanted you to know, will take the more detailed speed any old day, than to speed through this stuff and miss something that might end up explaining or related to a whole other part in the history that wouldn’t be as clear, if missed out on something that happened earlier to cause it.

  11. Jamie, I’m loving the podcasts, they are so much more in-depth than any university lecture I’ve taken. I’m only wondering if there’s any way to get a glossary of terms for the podcast? Spelling has never been my strong suit, and I’ve been trying to take some notes, but those romanized names are killing me!

    1. The episodes have full transcripts available, which might help you work out the spelling. A while back I did have a list of characters, and I might update it and add it to the site in the future. Honestly, it will depend on whether or not I have time because right now I’m pretty much running to stand still. ;)

      1. I’d love it if you had a list of characters on the site! But I guess I can wait a bit for that, I’m only on episode 15 so far.

  12. Hi Jamie.
    just a short note to say im loving your podcast. only into the mid 40’s at the moment. Having been brought up in Bath and Edinburgh i have always been interested in the ancient buildings around me. You definitely bring British history to life.
    skint at the moment but hope to become a member in the very near future. well worth a Pint!

  13. Hi Jamie, great pod cast.History as never been so interesting. I’ve just got a problem with trying to sign back into the members website. I’ve recently installed a new windows program and every time i try to log in with a new password that i have been sent, it starts the whole process over again as if I’ve been given the wrong password.Please help.

  14. Hi Jamie I just became a member. I studied archaeology at uni and worked on a 19th century ship for a while. Evie and I are loving listening to you on our walks. I think it’s fantastic and you remind me of John Julius Norwich and the way he writes about Byzantium. Anyway I don’t know what Evie gossips about with other dogs but I’m sure she’s the most educated about British History in the dog park.

  15. New listener! Love the podcast and am starting from the very beginning. Just started listening to episode 25 and may have to reconsider my love of it now that I know you’re a Liverpool supporter (big-time Everton fan here!). I’m (slightly) kidding ;)
    Great podcast though!

  16. I’ve been listening for a few weeks now- this podcast is usually playing while I’m in the office working, as the radio gets so repetitive sometimes. I’ve really been enjoying the information and details provided, and you are very easy to listen to. I’ve always been a history nerd myself, particularly surrounding the monarchy, but this fresh perspective of the country and early peoples is a delight. I’m only on episode 74 right now, but I manage to plug through a few each day! Keep up the good work!

  17. Literally found this podcast this morning. I’m halfway into Episode 2 and already so excited. I made a list of things in the car to Wikipedia once I got in front of a computer. Will there be any focus on the Royals at all throughout the seasons?

    1. I’m really glad to hear that you’ve found the show! And yes, we cover pretty much everything in the show so there is plenty of royal stuff as well as everything else.

  18. How much does one episode cost to develop and record etc… I am interested in sponsoring one, perhaps the diggers levellers, winstanley or the quakers, keen to know so i can start saving up.

    1. Actually, we’ve never done a paid sponsored topic before. We want to cover the various religious and cultural subgroups as they pop up, however, so if you want us to cover the levellers the best way to ensure that happens is to support the show so it can stay on air long enough to get to that point. Thanks!

  19. Brilliant podcast, listen to it every day whilst at work(!). Up to episode 145 now, once I catch up I will be becoming a member :)

  20. Hey Jamie, I’m relieved I’m not the only one to have recently discovered BH Podcast. Truth is I’m a podcast neophyte, but since one of the first I found was yours many others are being harshly judged and I don’t give them much leeway before I pull the plug. At 40 right now and knocking out about 10 a week. I’ll join shortly. Thanks.

  21. Dear Jamie,
    I stumbled into your podcast after hearing about it on the Byzantium podcast. I thought that historical podcasting was going to be something like courses from The Teaching Company; I have come to appreciate that although your podcast is less structured and less formal, it has as much if not more intellectual rigor. I like your dedication to approaching the subject with care and respect for the difficulties in evaluating our sources and in appreciating the points of view of societies which were so different from our own.
    I am a lawyer as well, although I had the good fortune to be born many years before you, when the practice was much more personally and financially rewarding than now. I like hearing how you have retooled yourself for the new normal. You are doing good work, and I hope that you and the BHP will be in my life for a long time to come.

    Neil Albert

  22. I am enjoying the heck out of the BHP. An expat seattle residnt, now in Otago, NZ. Two questions, have you done a liverpool episode? Two, in speaking of constantine, you said that just after his vision, constantine was “a baptised christian.”. I had always thought he postponed baptism till his death bed, so he could do some of the gnarly things Emperors did without gettng a bishop on his case.

  23. Greetings, Jamie. Thank you so much for your wonderful podcast. You, Mike Duncan, Dan Carlin, Kevin Stroud, Robin Pierson and the Brew Dogs are practically the only people keeping me sane in this crazy world.

  24. Jamie, you crush history! I was a history major in college and have always been slightly obsessed. Thank-you so much for making history so cool that my kids listen for fun! You have a great voice. You’re doing what you were meant to do. Keep it up!

  25. Jamie, I wanted to let you know that I’ve just started listening to your podcast from the beginning. I’m currently in the Dark Ages. Its fantastic. Keep up the great work.

  26. Jamie kick ass podcast. I am already on episode 30 something. Thank you for allowing us to fly our history geek flag. A friend recommended. I will recommend it to other friends… Continue great work. will donate this week.

    1. Thanks Dmitry! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it. And please pass on my thanks to your friend for recommending us. This show grows almost entirely through word of mouth, so those recommendations are super important. :)

  27. Jamie, I’m starting to become seriously concerned with the pace the podcast is currently on. At the rate you are currently going, we will literally die before the Anglo-Saxon era is over. Do you plan to reach 1066 in twenty or thirty years’ time? I long for the day when Edward, his successor, finally forges England. I wish to reach the crusades; to discuss the Magna Carta; to learn of the events in Ireland (part of the British isles); to read of the Protestant Reformation; of Queen Elizabeth and the era of colonization. I understand that the Anglo-Saxon era is important, but other eras are important too, and it now seems like you actively avoid progressing. I would appreciate a projection for the near future.

    1. Wow, Ryan. I think this is the first time that someone has made me feel like I was called into the boss’s office. If you’re wondering what my plan is for how I’m approaching the show, there are better ways to ask me than to treat me like a lazy employee and make a bunch of assumptions regarding my motivations. Not even members write to me like this.

      Regarding your fears regarding your impending mortality, I cover periods of history with a depth that is relative to their importance. The era of Alfred is one of the most consequential sections of the post-Roman period we’ve covered. If I covered the reign of Henry VIII in just a month and a half, I’m pretty sure you’d have a panic attack. So maybe relax and enjoy the fact that you’re learning stuff you won’t find elsewhere, and all for free.

      Oh and Ryan? I’m seriously concerned regarding how you didn’t notice that while listening to the show. Relisten to the show, and also take a good look at a calendar and note how long 40 years is. Once you’re finished, send me a progress report. I expect it by noon tomorrow. (It doesn’t feel good, does it?)

      1. Jamie,
        Maybe we should refer Ryan to the uni bookstore where he can find a good set of Cliff’sNotes. But that’s why I’m commenting. I’m wondering how one adds a picture icon to go along with one’s username. Thanks.

      2. How dare you run your own podcast at your own pace! ? Ryan sounds like a bad-tempered middle-manager who’s worried about missing a sales target! Love the podcast. Just at the Viking episodes. Please continue to take your own sweet time.

  28. Almost all caught up with the podcast. yay took me 4 months but once I’m there I’ll be getting a membership. Totally love this!!!!

  29. Jamie,
    Just a quick note of thanks for the terrific podcast. I found BHP last summer, and expected it to be about the usual suspects. While that would have been fine by me, instead this has been a deep dive into a past I never knew much about, and made me think deeply about the people who lived so long ago. The at times snarky delivery is what breathes life into these people, and keeps me listening. So, thanks!

  30. Hi Jamie
    I am an Anglo Canadian living in the south of France. I have only recently discovered your podcasts and absolutely love them. I have a history degree myself but really wish you had been around when I studied for it. It would have been so much more fun! Keep on podding ( is that even a word? ) Thanks!

  31. Hi Jamie! Just discovered your podcasts and am totally hooked. I am listening to the episodes about the Anglo-Saxons and am really interested in the way that you portray them as people and not savages.

    I have one small caveat. Not to be too nick picky, but once in a while you say “anyways” which isn’t actually correct and is a little like nails on a blackboard for me :)

    I live in Poulsbo WA which is west of Seattle on the Kitsap peninsula so a fellow PNW resident.

    Thanks for the great work!


  32. Hi Jamie, I only recently came across your podcast when getting to grips with a new Iphone. Now I’m hooked and am racing through the episodes from the start though I did initially kick off with a few episodes around Alfred the Great. So after just a couple of weeks I’m on episode 81 – listening mostly on the commute. The one major causality is The Economist. I’m now about 3 editions behind and unlikely ever to catch up. Anyway, keep up the good work, which I hope you do as I’ve recommended it to a number of like minded old history buffs from college days and family members. Stuart. PS Your pronunciation of certain place names is diabolical, so I can only assume your pronunciation of the names of characters of the era is equally diabolical. But it all adds to the fun and entertainment. Keep it up!

  33. Hello Jamie , love your podcasts. but I am unable to log in. I checked PayPal and I am up to date on payments. Can you tell me what I can do? Thanks Marilyn

  34. Hello, Jamie!

    I’m interested in early British history and culture, especially it’s Celtic parts, even tried to learn Welsh, though it’s incredibly tough language and I nearly gave up :) And I’m absolutely in love with your BHP podcast, I think you’re doing fantastic job!

    I’m from Russia and apart from the curious material you provide you’re helping me to Improve my English a bit :) So thank you very much for your Project!

    I’m currently at the 50th episode of the BHP and by that moment you mostly focus on the Romano-British and Saxon parts of the mosaic.
    What about the early Welsh kingdoms, Cornwall, Cumbria from 410 AD till late 13 century when Wales was conquered by Edward I?
    Will you touch this matter upon later on in the podcast or this topic is left for the members only Celtic podcast?



    1. I’m pleased to hear you’re enjoying the show!

      Wales gets covered in the main show, both in special episodes as well as within the main narrative.

  35. THANK YOU for sharing Zee’s thesis. It is a good read, and it makes me feel better that other ppl are aware of what the “news” has been doing. now if we could just manage to take over…Next time I’m in PDX, I’ll raise a pint to you both! :)

  36. Hi jamie,

    Just wanted to thank you so much for this podcast. Ive recently gone through a very traumatic time and was simply looking for a distraction at first. What i have found instead is the most excellently reseaarched and interesting podcast (and i have listened to a lot of them). You never seem to get boring and i can tell how much you have put in to the podcast.

    Will be becoming a member for sure.

    Best wishes,

  37. Jamie,
    I’ve recently stumbled upon the BHP.. and I am so glad I did. I think it’s hard to find people to discuss history with and although I can’t discuss it with you.. I can at least listen to it! I’m on episode 18 and I had to comment on it.. Gladiator is one of my all time favorite movies so your clips and explanations referring to the movie were pretty funny. So, thanks and keep up the awesome work!

  38. I found your awesome podcast a few weeks ago. I hold an MA in history and I have been mulling a podcast of my own but haven’t been able to decide on a style…until YOUR podcast! I want to make history appealing to the average “history buff” and academic historian without losing the accuracy of historical events and people without putting people to sleep.


  39. I also forgot to mention that my ancestors ventured “across the pond” from southwestern England in 1620 and 1660 and from the Highlands of Scotland in the early 1800s. Your podcast helps me to understand the world my ancestors lived in and why they wanted to make the voyage to the New World.

  40. Hi Jamie,
    I just spent over 6 months catching up on the BHP from the beginning, listening to it almost exclusively during commute, on road trips, and while I’m learning to knit. I finally caught up yesterday and became a member, so now I can spend all my time catching up on member episodes :D I had lived in London for a year some time ago for uni, had visited Edinburgh, Stonehenge, and various other historic places. I visited Dublin earlier this year, and it’s nice to hear about these places I’ve been to in a historical context. I’m excited to hear more from the podcast.
    Thank you for all your hard work!
    Brie from CA

  41. Hello Jamie, you’re doing gods work with your podcast, I’m not a native english speaker but with a great love for english history (we have the same amglo-saxon ancestors since I’m German) and I just wanted to thank you for simultaneously improving my english and my knowledge of British history.

    Cheers from Germany

  42. Jamie,
    I’m on Episode 20 and love the podcast, your vast knowledge and great presentation make it my favorite podcast! I’ve recommended BHP to several people including my son, James, in Portland. As a new member, I’m looking forward to the “members only” podcasts.
    Best wishes and keep up the good work!
    PS – I’m an Oregonian but moved to Washington 40 years ago, living near Tacoma.

    1. Word of mouth recommendations are super important for small shows like ours, so thank you so much for telling people about us. And of course for supporting the project. :)

  43. Jamie, sometimes related links are described as being ‘on the website’ but I can’t find them – where are they?

    1. Click on the transcript button of the episode in which the links were discussed. Usually they are in there, unless I was talking about something more generally (like the heptarchy family tree), in which case check the extras menu.

  44. I’m grateful for the BHP show. Thank you for the time and effort you’ve put into sharing the story of our people in a way that is relatable and accessible.

  45. Hi Jamie
    I have recently come across your podcast and have started at the start! I am an Australian who lived in London for ten years and I remember being fascinated with the Roman history of Bath, St Albans and the Roman wall at Tower Hill station in London.
    Thank you for bringing British history to life.

  46. Hi Jamie,
    I, too, have only just come across your tour de force podcast. I shall have to listen to five or six a day if I have any hope of catching up. Also an “ex pat” now living in the middle of Iowa, I grew up not nine miles from St. Albans and return to the UK often and almost always visit something Roman (which is as far as I have got at the moment). Your descriptions put history into such great context. Wish I had found the BHP sooner, but will enjoy every moment from now on.
    Thanks for your great dedication to the subject and engaging narrative.

  47. Hi Jamie,
    I am bit late but I must say your show is really interesting and I am enjoying every minute of it. I even listen to each episode more than once. It givea me lots of joy.
    All the best,

    1. Yep! Zee and I just gave birth to our son (and the very next day my laptop broke) so I am waiting for the replacement to arrive on tuesday. Details on our Facebook community :)

  48. Jamie, Congratulations on the birth of your son! I hope you can stay awake long enough to podcast! I’m really enjoying the BHP. Just finished episode 25….with a long way to go. I was not surprised to hear of your educational background. To complete such a podcast one has to enjoy research. As a retired accountant I appreciated your comment about footnotes!

  49. Good Morning. I recently discovered your podcast on Spotify. I am in love. I just graduated with my Master’s in History in May and was missing my classes. The podcast allows me to listen while I commute, which is the only time I have available at the moment for my love of learning. I have to commute a total of 3 hours a day and being able to listen to your podcast is fantastic. Thank you.

  50. Just found this podcast out!!! I love the history of all UK. I’m from US but my family ancestors are all from the Islands. While doing some genealogy research and have found my family Wood surname were from Amble,and Morpeth, Northumberland were all coal miners. I could only find anything from 1820s. Anyways, Im rambling, I love the history of the area and your podcast is just bad A! Thanks for you and your teams work and keep rocking out!

  51. And I too am from Portland my man! Well Tigard (Metzger)! Keep kickin some Azz on this show!

  52. I have to say it’s kind of comforting that Jamie looks pretty much exactly as I pictured him. What a legend.

  53. I live in a Timber framed Traditional black and white house built in 1625 near Stratford upon Avon and in lockdown have discovered these podcasts and whilst I am not always convinced by the historical balance love the humour and enthusiasm
    My dog , my chickens and me are total converts
    Many thanks

  54. From the month of June….another enthusiastic fan (is that tautological?) who finds you the perfect accompaniment to hacking at wood blocks while feeding my addiction to history..

  55. Hi Jamie and Zee. I live in Tewkesbury. I am a member of the Battlefields Trust and I get a real kick out of talking about the old history of Wessex and Mercia when we meet up. We normally have the biggest free re-enactment weekend in Britian here. You should come join us. All cloths, equipment and tents are authentic to 1471. I’ve joined up to BHP. Long may you rule!

    1. I’m sure that we’ll make it out there eventually. But probably not for a couple years, since right now we have an infant and a cross atlantic trip with an infant sounds hellish. ;)

  56. Hi Jamie, Zee! I picked up the BHP not too long ago and I’ve been burning through it hungrily during work; it’s insanely awesome and I’m loving the narrative, the fun comments, sidenotes, snark, and the like

    I’m only on ep. 55 so far, but whew, it’s already been so much to process! Thank you so much for having transcripts, I’m excited to read them once I’ve caught up to the most recent episode so I can enjoy your work again in another medium (and to make notes to help in my fantasy world building I’m picking very slowly at ;D)

  57. Hello! I’ve been listening to the podcast now for a couple of weeks. I replay many episodes and enjoy the style and truly quality content! Believe me, the site will be a link for my students this semester, as I attempt to (safely) move my Medieval Literature class online. Thanks for all your hard work!
    P.S. My little cat Sidney is still a bit skeptical about all that lecturing going on in the evenings, but he will come around.

    Best Wishes,

    Dr. Cynthia Jeney
    Professor of English
    Missouri Western State University
    St. Joseph, MO

  58. Hi Jamie!

    I am a new listener to your podcast and I felt compelled to comment! I very much admire that your show is based on accessibility of information through a storyteller’s style of history–as this kind of accessibility is what I hope to achieve in my future career, and is very near and dear to my heart. Your podcast is funny, engaging, and of course, incredibly fascinating! I am hoping to acquire a PhD in British History (in the 17th century to be exact), and this is the perfect foundational method of learning about the very origins British History! SO, all that to say, thank you for what you are bringing to the public and I look forward to listening!

  59. How insecure can one podcaster be? Judging by the British History Podcast, the answer is VERY. I tried. I really did. I listened to 238 episodes. I listened through the weird verbal ticks. I listened through the horrendous mispronunciations, and the lame excuses for those mispronunciations. I listened through the continuous begging for me to become a member “for about the price of a latte per month”, as if everyone who listens is a latte-sipping dilettante. I listened through the snarky, “poor me I was forced to go to Catholic school and have a chip on my shoulder about it” ragging on monks, nuns, bishops, and scribes who were silly enough to believe in miracles, and I listened through the “methinks he doth protest too much” protestations that he’s not being critical of Christianity. And I listened through all of that because I appreciate the content. But I can’t do it anymore. I can’t listen to one more navel-gazing, endless, deadly dull defense of the way you tell the story. WE GET IT! The culture stuff matters! The deep dive into lesser known lives matters! We get it, and we agree with it, or we wouldn’t still be listening! Spending ten, or fifteen, or twenty minutes repeating yourself as you say, “this is the right way to do history” a hundred different ways, is not only useless, it’s bad podcasting. It’s also the reason I haven’t become a member, the reason I can’t recommend this podcast to anyone else, and the reason that I’m honestly not even sure I can bring myself to listen to one more episode. Please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, stop feeling the need to defend yourself from the “bros” who want you to speed up and focus on the battles! Because you are NEVER going to convince them that your method is the right one, and in constantly banging away about it, you risk alienating the people who DO agree with you! 

    1. Buddy, you’re listening to about a decade worth of work. I realize you’re mainlining the show while you’re stuck inside during covid, so for you it’s probably just a month worth of listening and so it feels like I repeat myself and stuff. But you’re literally listening to about a decade worth of material.

      These things came up multiple times. Settle down. And if it really bothers you, hit the skip button. Or the unsubscribe button. Go ahead and press it. My heart will go on.

      Also, pro-tip, when you’re throwing a tantrum and making personal attacks, don’t do it from your Pastor account. “Reluctant saint” Lol.

  60. Looks like I arrived at the party about 9 years late, but that does mean I have plenty of episodes stacked up to listen to. Now up to episode 16, and loving the Roman Wall stuff, which considering I drive over the thing every time I take my son back & forwards to school is great stuff for me.

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