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  1. Jamie

    I’m already a member but just got around to paying again through PayPal. No need for a refund – happy to join the fight against Bezos and his overmighty empire


  2. Jamie
    Since you were kind enough to gift me a membership when I couldn’t afford one it would only be footing for you to pay my membership forward to a fellow history lover in need….
    Your work makes the world a better place which is the most anyone can hope of a chosen vocation.
    Thank You

    1. I would absolutely love to have a membership given to me for my 74th birthday on friday aug 18.
      Thank you, Jamie. This show is absolutely incredible. It is the first time in 74 years that history is interesting to me.

  3. I enjoy an Old Fashioned from time to time, but I’ve been on a Boulevardier kick these days. That said, may I offer a tip or two?

    First, it’s taking so long to dissolve the sugar crystals because you’re dissolving them in booze, rather than in water, which is a much better solvent. My favorite trick is to use 2 parts sugar (demerara is best, but it does affect the flavor, so white sugar works, too) to one part water. Combine both in a medium saucepan and heat over low heat just until clear, then pour into a squirt bottle and refrigerate. It’ll last about two weeks that way, but note that you get a significantly longer life span if you add a splash of vodka to it. This is sugar that is already dissolved, and the high ratio of sugar:water means that it won’t water down your drink any more than that ice cube.

    Second, I love the total lack of fruit (excepting the orange bitters and lemon twist, of course). I love playing around with classic cocktails and find that I like my Old Fashioneds with a bit of a twist in many cases. One twist involves adding a splash of Cherry Heering, a bitter cherry liqueur – it works really well with the orange bitters. Another twist involves adding some Allspice Dram, a bitter spiced liqueur. It’s great on a wintery night. Another option is to use (real!) maple syrup in place of the sugar/simple syrup – being in upstate New York, we’re practically swimming in the stuff and it works wonders. Finally, you can change things up by adding another ingredient commonly found in upstate New York and, I’d wager, in Oregon as well – apple cider! I buy the jug of fresh-pressed apple cider that I can often find in the local grocery store, boil it down until it’s reduced to about 25% of its original volume, then put in a squirt bottle and refrigerate. As with the simple syrup, you can add a splash of vodka or bourbon to prolong shelf life. It makes a great drink! As I said, these aren’t the *true* Old Fashioneds at all, but they make a mighty fine cocktail!

  4. Fairly new listener and while the podcast started as something to pass the time at work, I eagerly await getting home, fixing a Manhattan (Not too different from your drink of choice here), and learning about my favourite subject! Thank you for providing an amusing, exciting, and interesting learning experience!

  5. Holy Mackerel. Loved regular old fashioned cocktails before but this…..much better!!!! What’s a Viking??????

  6. Cant seem to find the app for the Ipad? I have it for the I phone 6 Plus…though i am having problems logging into the membership material. Still its worth persevering.

    1. To get the app on your iPad, make sure to select the “iphone” apps section and download the iPhone version. The iPad will emulate an iPhone and it should work. Currently, there’s no native iPad version, however.

  7. Just got a new car after 17 yrs and 322K miles and HORROR OF HORRORS, there’s no CD player available. As a audiobook addict, I was almost unable to back out of the driveway with nothing but commercial radio. And then, my Android Audio found Brit Hx Podcast on my phone. Sanity restored. But now, I find myself hanging out in the garage a lot…..

  8. Hi Jamie,

    Really enjoying the podcast. I started off listening around the time you were talking about King Alfred (my interest came from the TV series The Last Kingdom). Im now hooked and have started from the beginning. I have a normally boring 3 hour round trip to work every day, however now I have plenty to keep me entertained. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into the podcast!

  9. i told alll my family i want a subscription for my B-day…if noone listens, I will just be gifting myself at the end of the month. I LOVE this podcast, and will be a bit sad once i get caught up, because i drive for a living and it is WONDERFUL to binge as I drive. Keep up the good work.

  10. I do love a good old fashioned. But I am lazy so I just drink whiskey and soda, or gin and soda, or merlot…
    Anyway, Jamie your voice is the best, I could listen to you read the phone book.

  11. Hi Jamie,

    I think you have a great podcasting voice. That’s one of the reasons I listen to your podcast. I get it though about not liking the way your voice sounds. I don’t think anyone likes to hear their own voice.
    Thank you for the detailed instrctions on how to make an old fashioned. I’ve never had one before, but I enjoy drinks that are made of mostly alcohol.

  12. As a longtime lover of history and British history devotee, *coughcough*obsessed*coughcough**, I have fallen utterly in love with your podcast. It’s brilliantly narrated, and so thoughtfully constructed. I’ve only completed chapter one but am unashamedly binging so I’m sure I’ll catch up eventually. I definitely want to support what you do and will sign up for membership as soon as poss. Thanks again so much! I look forward to hours of knowledge!

  13. That is the cutest shot glass I have ever seen. Does it make you feel like Hagrid holding a Moscow Mule?

  14. Anybody catch the Expedition Unknown episode on Boudica on 3/4/20. I’m only on episode 75 in this podcast series so the story about her was still fairly fresh and so I was really excited to see this. I’m a 42 year old American IT professional that cannot stop listening to this podcast. I actually thought the other day that by the time I finish this podcast I’m going to know more about British history than American history.

  15. Bryan, I feel the same way! My heritage, albeit, centuries ago is Welsh, (maiden name Williams) I’ve become obsessed with anything british history (pre 18th century) Jamie, you are amazing & a gifted story teller!

  16. Jamie, at the risk of being redundant, Well Done! I have been listening to BHP since the beginning of the year and love every minute(currently on episode 180 The Cracks in the Shieldwal)l. I am an IT engineer by trade but have loved British and European history (though admittedly my knowledge in both are lacking) since my junior year in college. My middle is son (13yo) enjoys listening with me from time to time.

    BHP also got me started listening to podcasts, though BHP is the only thing I listen to consistently. I have stopped listening in the recommended manner to BHP, i.e. with a drink, on my way to work in the morning but only at the request of local law enforcement. :)

    On that note, I should like to offer up a receipe my wife and I developed (I think). A bourbon and coke with a drizzle of absinthe on top and stir. If you don’t like black licorice, then you likely will not enjoy this drink. Though, if you can get the first one down, you won’t mind or probably even notice it on the second. :) We use Woodford reserve but any good bourbon will do.


  17. Jamie, glad you and Zee enjoyed! I would not recommend more than one before researching or recording. Cheers!


  18. I forgot, we call it a Van Gogh because my 13yo is a huge Van Gogh fan and a portrait of Vincent, in his own style was on the box of Absinthe. Ok, I’ll stop spamming now. :)


  19. Respectfully, being “woke” or whatever you fashion your language style is shouldn’t necessitate a foul mouth in public. I listen to your podcasts occasionally and they are ruined first by the bleeps, and second with an envisionment of an educated person who can’t communicate excitement or deep disappointment without resorting to a simple, and offensive vocabulary. I’m sorry, is it time to grow up a bit?

  20. I started listening during lockdown. Just got to episode 363. Is that the current latest? The series is just addictive.,..

  21. Hi Jamie. Great podcast. I thought I knew a lot about AS history, but nothing compared to this. I grew up close to Coventry and we used to say Leofrik, not Leofrich. Please, please, please do a special on Lady Godiva & Leofric.

  22. Hi Jamie, I’m new to the podcast but it was love at first listen, so I had to become a member immediately. My podcast-listening tipple of choice is a rather large Pimm’s, or possibly two, but I hope that won’t disqualify me for membership. Keep up the great work!

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