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  1. Love the podcasts. You provide very interesting insights that were overlooked in my college world history classes. My heritage is British and always wanted to learn more. I have a long daily commute and I look forward to new podcasts. Keep up the great work. Sorry it took me this long to become a subscriber.

    Cheers, Dennis

  2. Jamie, great podcast, found you while looking for the most recent podcasts from David Crowther “The History of England Podcast”

    Love yours , brilliant…I am asls abn expat from Blighty, however came after school still talk funny!

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Angus, thank you for supporting the show! I’m quite chuffed that you think this project compares well with Crowther’s podcast, actually. :)

      Thanks again!


  3. Hi Jamie thankk you very much for such an interesting and insighitfull podcast you really humble me with the fact you do this for free which is i becamame amember especially as you give youre free time and career as a lawyer to do this i live a stones throw ftrom Dumbarton castle and robert the bruce cave and sanctuary so if uyou wish any photo graphic material of either in the future please let me know

  4. Thank you for this great podcast! I found this podcast in connection with the History of Rome podcast on iTunes and I have enjoyed it every bit as much as Mike Duncans work. I am a History teacher in Southern California and I have enjoyed the human element you have given to a very hyper studied subject. Can’t wait to listen to some members only episodes! Thank you for the hard work.

    1. Thank you so much! It’s always nice to hear that the project is appreciated, but it’s particularly exciting when I hear from history teachers since I’m sort of traipsing through your backyard with this show. So I’m very happy you’re enjoying the show. :)

  5. Hi Jamie, have been listening for a few months and I’m now finally caught up, so thought it wise to become a member, so glad to see your show going from strength to strength, keep up the good work! I live in aberdeen, north east Scotland and did some celtic history at uni, but mainly a part time anthropologhy/history geek. You should totally follow up the Scotcasts by coming up here to Pictish country! plenty of mysterious rock formations, some with inscriptions still around, but what I’d really love to see but still waiting for the chance/excuse, is those amazing 6000 year old caves on Orkney.(I’m sure there’s a pub or two around too). maybe when you get another thousand members? or maybe when you hit jacobites, i’d be happy to show you around ;)

    1. I’d love to! This trip will certainly not be my last one. It’s been quite successful and I think you will all like the interviews. :)

  6. Subscribed as a big thank you – I start work early (05:00) and for two and a half hours am working alone. In one podcast I get education, entertainment and company! Great podcast, please keep it up Jamie, and thank you. ( hope all is well with your family), Paul.

  7. Sorry about the card snafu–I was a target shopper casualty. Do I at least get a Hipster Hadrian button this time?
    Thanks for the history!

  8. I’m almost all caught up and I am so excited to join this community! I can’t wait to hear the members only episodes!!

  9. I’m a history podcast junkie. The BHP is a favorite of mine and became a household one as well. Your podcast was an inspiration for my 13yo son to read Churchill’s History of the English Speaking Peoples. That’s considerable storytelling magic. Thank you for the BHP.

  10. Jamie. So pleased I can support what you are doing. The BHP is the best podcast and the one I look forward to most out of the many I listen to.

    You have brought history to life for me and especially a part of history that I didn’t learn about at school.

  11. Glad to finally be a member. Really, it’s been to long. I feel like we’ve been through so much together. The ice age, giant Elk, that Iulius Kaiser guy… what a dick… Boudica, Emperor Constantine, Emperor Honorius and his pulling out faster than a nervous prom date hearing a door slam.. Meeting the new neighbor, Hengist and Horsa they seem nice… uh… lot of relatives.. really, the years just fly by!

  12. I finally became a member! I’ve listened to the first 130 episodes, and decided that it’s high time I joined the group. I want to hear the members-only Scotcasts and the St. Patrickcasts(?). My ancestors are Welsh; my maiden name was Parry.

  13. Hi Jamie,
    I just signed up for the second time. I just love your podcast and the way you present it. It fills in the gaps that are left by the conventional teaching of the history of Britain. For those of us whose families originated in the British Isles it is our history and I thank you for the great effort you have made in bringing it to life.

  14. Hi Jamie,

    I’ve been a long time listener and am now financially able to be a member! Thanks for producing such a great podcast!

  15. Hi Jamie,
    I took the plunge to membership to encourage these illuminating podcasts to keep coming. I so appreciate the ’roundedness’ of content in your shows, covering not just kings and battles but everyday life for commoners, and how social structures and technology change over time.

  16. Thanks Jamie for the exellent content, I cant begin to imagine how much work goes into each episode. In school I loved History and growing up I always had my nose in a history book especially Celtic, Roman and Early Middle ages Britain, I went on to do Engineering and the History books got replaced with Engineering and Physics books, but stumbaling across your podcast about a year ago has completly rekindled my passion for the good stuff! Ive also recently introduced my Egyptologist sister to the show and she also loves it, especially as we are from Anglesey so its nice to hear about your ancestors and things on your doorstep.

    Keep up the Good Work!

  17. I’m so excited to be a member! I’ve just discovered your podcast and am having so much fun listening to it.

    I’m third generation American, but a century in this country can’t erase the thousands of generations that my people were in Britain. And I have always felt deeply connected to my heritage.

    I’m also a big British History nerd (my 7th grade term paper was Religion in England after the Break From Rome) and so I’m just drinking in your podcasts. Honestly, I’m so glad I have so many to listen to!

    Thanks so much for doing this!

  18. Jamie, I enjoy listening to your podcasts and believe you have a great story-telling gift. I’m glad to finally become a member.

  19. Thank you so much for working on this, I can’t imagine the time spent researching. The first 30 episodes augments The History of Rome and The 12 Byzantine Emperors podcasts so well. Also, I can’t wait to hear about the English civil war, I really don’t know anything about it and I’ve heard its an extremely confusing period. Have you ever heard of Dan Carlin and the Hardcore History podcast? If no definitely give listen, I like him for the same reasons I like you.

  20. Just became a member-I can’t thank you enough for what you’re doing!!

    I have a BA in history, but I’m doing marketing in a Silicon Valley software company. i am still drawn to history over and over again, I love to read it in my spare time; there are so many great stories to learn and tell!! I envy you getting to do this full time. Keep up the great work!

  21. Well, I never thought I’d live to see the day where a podcast would inspire me to part from my minuscule postgrad funds, but your work, both on audio and on Facebook, is absolutely worth it. Even without a British accent! Madness! ;) After Mike Duncan and Lars Brownworth I thought the history podcast world would run out of brilliance, but I’m stoked I ran across TBHP. Thanks for enabling my Anglophilic and history addictions, and thanks for doing so with humor and wit!


  22. Hi Jamie! I’m an Irish citizen. As a piper, I am well-versed on the history of bagpipes, but I never knew how short the kilt history was! I listen to your podcast especially for any mention of Ireland.

    I started from the beginning; only 100 episodes to go!

  23. Hi Jamie,
    I’m glad to finally be able to become a member and give something back to you and this community. I’m a chronic insomniac and have been listening to your podcasts overnight for ages now. I feel like I know you, in the least weird way possible. Thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm for this project.

  24. Hey – Just joined for the year and here’s why: You ask, politely but directly and clearly lay out why joining is worth it.

    I think you should do a podcast for podcasters on how to monetize – too many are afraid to ask for compensation for the value they create, and let me tell you Comcast isn’t afraid to tell you how much you cable will cost.

    So kudos, and my kid ask that you cover Rhys ap Gruffydd when you get to him around 1160 or so. She has the name thing going on with him and all and he seems like a really interesting personality of his time.

    1. Awww thank you so much. And don’t worry, I’ll be covering quite a bit about Welsh history once we have more information to go on. At our current spot, though, there’s even less information than we have for the Anglo Saxons. :/

  25. Jamie, I’ve been listeningf for a whole and really appreciate the time, effort and detail that goes into this. Being a Welshman born very near the path of Offa’s Dyke, it was often asked which side of the Dyke you were born on. It’s good to hear all about this again. Iechyd Da! Diolch yn fawr i chi , diolch yn fawr iawn!

  26. Hi Jamie,

    I feel a bit ashamed – I’ve been meaning to sign up as a member for a long time now. Your efforts have been very entertaining and informative, and I think a contribution is the least that can be done by way of thanks.

    However, it really was your cry for help over the Amazon kerfuffle that got me off my arse. I too would hate to see such an impressive body of work go down the plug’ole. So, apologies I have not acted sooner.


  27. After being a long time listener, I am finally getting around to becoming a member. Your podcast is one of the best narrated and best written podcasts that I listen to, so you’ve more than earned my money. I have learned a tremendous amount over the 150+ episodes. I can’t imagine that I’ll be able to catch up on members-only episodes, but I’m looking forward to exploring those.

    I will also admit that I’ve been getting lost recently with all of these Egg/Eck- and Aeth- names, and kings who last about as long as social media memes. But I still like it.

    Anyway, sorry you got hit with the flu and with this Amazon payment fall-out. I hope you get better soon and get things settled with the podcast, and get back to what you do best: telling great stories!


    1. Thanks, Bryan! Also, I will probably end up putting together a summary episode pretty soon to help put a lot of this in context and hopefully sort out all the aethels and ecgs. :)

  28. Hi Jamie! I have been a fan of the podcast for about two years now. I always listen to it when I am cooking and cleaning, and even when I am exercising. I love British history, really British anything, and I love the way you deliver our “lessons” — not dry or boring in the slightest. I was so sad to hear that Amazon is screwing you over and I thought, “Okay, I’ve been considering becoming a member for a long time now… NOW is the time!”. I’m from Northern Manitoba, Canada! But my heart is in England! You may or may not remember me from Facebook — I’m the Grimm fan who asked if you ever watch because you’re from Portland, lol! Take care!

  29. Finally worked my way through the 160 episode backlog since discovering your amazing podcast in December! I don’t quite understand how you can produce such high quality content faster than I can consume it; I’m assuming you must be some kind of robot? Sorry it’s taken so long to sign up, it was more out of feeling overwhelmed at the thought of all those members’ episodes becoming available too, rather than any unwillingness to pay money for such a great product.
    Looking forward to being guided through the next 1039 years of history in your capable hands.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Richard, thank you so much for signing up and I’m really impressed you managed to get through 160 episodes in about 6 months! Well done. :)

  30. Hi Jamie,

    Thanks so much for such a great podcast. I’ve been listening from the beginning and have finally caught up with the episodes and am pleased to be able to support you so you can keep going with what your doing. I’m really looking forward to hearing all about the Vikings…

    It’s obvious you are passionate British History and it comes through….

    Great work and a fantastic listen.

  31. Renewed/switched over. Was on my second year thru Amazon with third coming up in August, if correctly recalled.

  32. Jamie, I freeloaded for the first 35 podcasts and finally the shame was too much; I am now a fully paid up member! I fervently hope you get your Amazon problem sorted so that we get to hear a whole lot more!

  33. Jamie,

    I found your podcasts a while ago, but have really just started listening to them a few days ago. I am a history teacher, after 20 years in the Air Force (with three years spent at RAF Bentwaters/WoodBridge). My mother was a war bride and I actually have more relations in England than in America. While I have always been interested in British history, and have been able to trace my family back to the Early 1800s so far, your podcasts have brought new insights in to British history. I was listening to your podcast on the Ninth Legion this morning on the way to work this morning and it suddenly came to me that besides the fact that you are presenting interesting information, its like carrying on a conversation instead of it being a lecture. Maybe if history was presented like this, instead of how it usually is, more kids would be interested in it. I am looking forward to when you get to the Great War, which I realize is a long way off, as my Grandfather was one of the Old Contemptibles who served from the first days of the war to the end. Any way more than anything else I just wanted to thank you for the great podcasts.

    1. Hi, I just signed up. I am out in Iraq, and from Framlingham, near Woodbridge!, and liston to these epic casts in the gym rowing, in bunk houses, and gulf boat, camps, and on movements around the country. Its great stuff, and great deep cover having a Yank voice, I listoned to the 9th yesterday, that’s how far I am up to. I have to keep rowing until they finish, so I pray for short ones. What I find interesting, being where I am, is the Roman use of terror. Same here, all sides, and there are many. Also, the insights into pacification, PR, integration, I liston to the cast and virtually nothing, really virtually nothing, even a bit of gladias action, has changed, by any of the actors. To achieve this really living history, and have a laugh, and wonder what coast that accent comes from… is just brillient.

  34. Jamie, great podcast – just joined up to help you continue such a fascinating project. I hope all goes well and you get the subscription issue sorted out – you are just getting to the interesting parts, the Vikings, unification of England, the Normans – all interesting stuff. keep up the great work. Les

  35. So the transfer from Amazon is done. Jamie many thanks for the time you take to deliver the BHP. Love the detail of each episode and the fact there is no running fast to get to the more popular bits. Keep going :-) Simon, Hove, UK

  36. Hi Jamie. I’m a Brit, living in London. Have only reached Episode 45 so far (just found the show a few months back). Am looking forward to getting up to date with the rest of my country’s history.

    Congrats on consistently producing an informative and entertaining programme – that must be tough to pull off, so congrats. And I admire your stamina for keeping going with such a big project.

  37. Your litigator and legal researcher background certainly serve you well here; it’s not that people hear what you’re saying, it’s that we are compelled to willingly listen. Nice work. Only problem is accent- not the lack of British, but one that sounds southern to us here. Cheers from Seattle!

    Thanks, looking forward to the members content!


  38. Just renewed via Paypal. Congratulations for creating a really big something. It can’t be easy, but I hope that its fun. Your podcast is in the best possible Reithian tradition, which is one of the many reasons a subscription feels very fitting.

  39. Just switched over my membership from Amazon and I continue to feel good about this subscription!

  40. I love what you do and the way you do it. Thank you so much for making this podcast. I listened to all the back episodes so I just had to start a membership!

  41. It only took me two and a half months to hear of Amazon’s treachery. I joined back up as soon as I heard. I never used to like history until the BHP and SYMIH came along. Thanks for all the hard work you do to tell the British story in a memorable way!

  42. If I may dust off a cliche “Best. Podcast. Ever.” In all honesty this podcast presents the history of Britain in a super engaging way.

    Jaime, you do a great job keeping the narrative engaging. You are covering SO MUCH history that you run the risk of either only touching on topics superficially (which you never, EVER do) or the information gets so bogged down that its tough to keep interest (you avoid this really well too). I think it is your personable delivery, and your general passion for your subject.

    Life got in the way and I fell behind, but when I heard that Amazon was cancelling I had to get my membership square again. Luckily I had paid for the yearly on Amazon (don’t need prorating if I even had time left, consider it a donation).

    You mentioned you wanted to take this through WW2, but can you please cover post-war Britain and the dissolution of the British colonial empire. In my history classes it was always a ton of emphasis on the war then as a note “after the war Britain’s colonies were given independence” and only India really got any real depth. Of course this is probably years away at the pace you are going (not a criticism). We’re currently in what I find to be the most interesting period of the island’s history. Not the vikings, but the jockeying among the heptarchy. I also love the Chinese Warring States Period and Japan’s Warring States Period, something about that backdrop that sucks me in. Turns out Britain has its own warring states period and it just gets sidelined under the Dark Ages moniker.

  43. You are the best History podcast I have listened to and not just because you do the Welsh Cast. I have really loved the content of these podcasts and it is rare to find one that takes the time to cover the so-called Dark Ages. I salute you and hope to hear more great stuff.

  44. So excited to finally be a member! Love this podcast it makes my commute to grad school so much more fun and relaxing! Thanks for a great show!

  45. Hey, Jamie – Thanks so much for taking on and sustaining this epic project! I continue to look forward to every episode and the respect you always show for the details and unknowns. The member extras continue to be awesome and illuminating. Alas, my Android podcast app–the multifaceted, user-friendly veteran Dogcatcher–may have finally reached its expiration date. I just upgraded to a Galaxy S 6 and it doesn’t really seem to support the app: the device silences the app every time that it receives a notification from Gmail, Facebook, anything, constantly. A newer version of Dogcatcher doesn’t appear in the Play or Amazon app stores. So I’ve been shopping for other podcast apps. Unfortunately, none of the ones that I’ve tried allows me to enter my BHP member ID and password, so the members’ podcast never really loads. Is there a recommended Android app that actually does let you enter a username and password? Or is there a part of the website I haven’t found where I can log on with my credentials to listen, instead? Any advice would be appreciated!

    1. Hey, I emailed you directly with some suggestions. You also might want to check the forums, since there are other android users on there as well who might have some ideas.

      1. Hey, thanks, Jamie – For now, my stopgap solution is iTunes, which I at least have on my laptop. I went back to your introductory membership email, followed the instructions, and voila! Member’s episode #62, Fury of the Northmen Part 6 is on my laptop. Perhaps I’ll save these to listen to when I get home ….

  46. Hi Jamie, i’ve really enjoyed listening to your blood and guts accounts of British history, having caught up with your podcasts I’m looking forward to the benefits of membership. I’m from the Potteries so I hope you enjoyed your visit to the area last year!

  47. I’m a bit late to the game but listening to your podcast has helped me keep my sanity with being a new stay at home mom. Plus, I think my 5 month old is really enjoying your account of British History!

    Thank you so much for making this podcast. I can’t wait to catch up–I’m only on episode 10–but it’s excellent!

  48. I grew up near Dore and went to King Egbert’s school for a while. Your podcast has deftly dealt with this tricky part of English history. I have even planned a hike along Offa’s Dyke next year, along with a visit to Sutton Hoo. Thank you for making your podcast interesting and provocative. I ummed and ahhed about getting a membership but when the “mail kimp” comment made in a recent episode made me laugh so much I almost ran over a pedestrian, I knew it was time. Thank you.

  49. I’ve been meaning to do this for months, and always felt guilty when listening to your opening for each show. Finally done it. I listen to quite a few podcasts, when of them topical so each week I listen to those first while washing up / preparing food /gardening and when run out start catching up on my BH podcasts. Really enjoy them, especially at the moment as I know so little about the post Roman era up until the Normans. They are always thought of as dark ages and yes there might have been a lot of blood spilt and they gave up on a lot of good Roman practices (baths and central heating!), but looking at some of their jewelry and gold work you can see they were very skilled at that. I read an archeology magazine as well and a lot of what you are talking about fits in with what I read there.

    I’m from Britain, originally Birmingham, now based in Leeds. I recently went to Birmingham to see some of the Staffordshire Hoarde – fantastic.

    My only gripe about the show is something all Americans have a problem with – pronunciation of some basic words (route and data are the worst culprits), but then again I can’t understand some things Geordies or Scots say!

    1. Thank you so much for supporting the community, Graeme. And with regard to pronunciation, I challenge you to find an official consistent way to pronounce anything. It really does change from village to village.

      Also, if you want to hear a nightmare of mispronuciations, listen to an Englishman try to pronounce anything in Wales. ;)

  50. Hello Jamie. I am so excited about your awesome podcast. I listen to many history podcasts, but you Sir, must be the rock star of them all. I have finally caught up and am ready for my membership. I had to wait, as I am sure that I am going to obsess on all the great information. I have loved going through your shows and watching or would that be listening, to how far you have come with all of this. I am excited for you and for all of your peeps. The Viking preview gave me chills. Well done Sir. Well done and thank you for the fun.

    1. Thank you so much, Judy!

      Truth be told, I wasn’t too happy with the Viking promo and second guessed myself for whether or not to launch it but I figured I was probably just being overly critical (as I am wont to do) so I’m very pleased to hear that it was effective. :)

      Thanks again for supporting the community!

  51. Is it weird that an Asian-American is obsessed with British History???? I don’t care. I’ve been listening to this podcast since August and I’m obsessed and caught up. Thank you for providing this avenue for me to soak it all in. Hopefully one day, I’ll get to take a tour of all the places you’ve gone through in this podcast. In the meantime, I will listen and dream of visiting the country across the pond. (How the heck did I do a European trip without going to Britain???? blame it on my ignorant 20’s)

    1. Not weird at all. History is pretty universal and doesn’t require blood ties. And race is largely a construct anyway. People are people, so history is all of ours, no matter where it is from. Which is why I don’t think it’s weird that I’m a Welsh immigrant who is also really interested in Edo era Japan. :)

      Thanks for writing in, and good luck on your next trip!

  52. Just wanted to say how much I love the podcast! I started listening this summer on a long drive from Baltimore to St. Louis and became completely hooked. You’re a fantastic storyteller!

    I know you’ve said in the past that you’re curious how your members listen to the show. I listen to an episode while taking a walk in the park across the street from my apt every afternoon or evening. It’s the perfect way to unwind a bit.

  53. Hi Jamie,

    This past month I’ve been listening to the BHP pretty much nonstop, and I love the way you bring such detail into the narrative. It’s tough to follow sometimes, but I appreciate it nevertheless! At this level of detail, when do you predict that you’ll get us to the present day in the podcast? I only ask because I’m really looking forward to you doing the “History of China” podcast, or the “History of the Middle East” podcast, or even the “History of Rome” podcast, which I’m sure your followers would love, even though there are a few existing podcasts out there already on Rome.

    I became a member of BHP today and I’ll become a member of your next endeavor whenever that time comes. I’ll even pay extra if you go back to using BC/AD instead of BCE/CE, the latter of which designation I find to be too close in pronunciation, as well as somewhat annoying, since the year 5 BC and 5 AD were probably pretty dang similar, neither one of them being more “common era” than the other.

    Anyway, great work on the podcast. It’s the first time I’ve ever become a member of any podcast.

    1. Hi Brad, thanks for supporting the community! I’m pretty sure I’ll do American history next… if I ever get there. But it will be years before I’ll be done with Britain. The Wars of the Roses alone is going to take quite a long time.

      And sorry that BCE/CE bugs you. It’s the current academic standard, and honestly the switchover from BCE to CE is no less arbitrary than from BC to AD (especially since current thinking is that the fella who inspired that particular switchover wasn’t actually born on year 0).

  54. Love the show. I just found it recently and I am working my way through the archives. I’ve been toying with membership for a while now.

    After the Maude/Greg the cat story I was sold. History, cheesy humour, episode starting with Arrested Development quotes, AND soft spot for sad animals? Yeh. I need to support this.

  55. Hi Jamie,
    Just wanted to say how much I’ve been enjoying your podcast. I started listening a few months ago and have nearly caught up – really looking forward to exploring the members only content next! I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know, regardless of their interest in history, as it’s such a different approach to the subject. Thanks for the many hours of entertainment!

  56. Hi, Jamie. I’ve been meaning to join since I listened to the Boudicca episode, but my sweet hubby and I just listed to the episode about Hadrian’s Wall, and I knew I had to support you financially. Who knew that a wall could be so interesting? We listen to your podcasts while we travel around Florida. Rarely are we both interested in the same thing enough to spend hours listening, (we’re far more an “opposites attract” couple) so this makes for very pleasant travel and great conversation between episodes. Thanks for what you’re doing, and doing so well!

  57. Hey man. I’ve been listening for well over a year now. I really appreciate the info and dig your thoughtful and occasionally irreverent “Dead Poets” style delivery.

    I generally begin listening an hour or so before hitting the sack. I love being transported out of my present world but also learning something to boot. The podcast has become a real comfort to me as I end my day.


    All the best,


  58. Hi Jamie, Love the show. It is the only podcast I have truly enjoyed since Mike Duncans’ The history of rome!! Finally all caught up on 180 episodes and need some more episodes to keep my weekend night shift bearable.


    Keep up the good work


  59. So happy to be here! I have listened to the first 10 episodes. I wish I had found you earlier. Lots of good content is ahead of me.

  60. Been binge listening to these excellent podcasts for a while now and finally caught up. Realised I needed to become a member as not having any more podcasts to listen to left a real history shaped hole in my walk to and from work.

    Thanks for all your effortsand please keep up the good work.

  61. Hi Jamie, As a devoted historian, you won’t be surprised to hear I was quite behind the times on this one having only recently found you! The BHP was my first Podcast pick as an introduction to the world of Podcasts and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’ve never heard History recounted in this way and, BHP has become my number one choice for filling those moments in between (like on the bus, or cooking dinner, you know when life or work isn’t getting in the way) anyway I’m super thrilled to pick BHP as my first ever membership subscription (to anything online… ever… well except Amazon Prime but most folk have that right ?)
    So keep up the great work, and let me at those member only Podcasts… i’m dying to catch up on the ones i’ve missed before Episode 100.
    Thanks for the awesome !

    1. Thank you so much, Lucy. I’m really pleased that you’re enjoying it so much, and that it can keep you entertained on your commute!

  62. Discovered the Podcast about 3 months ago and LOVE it! Became a member because supporting Jamie is important,.

  63. This is the best podcast out there. You know…I think it’s even better than the history of Rome. And I love the history of Rome. So much. Jamie, love the detail and the care you put into this project. It really adds something positive to the world. Good on ya mate!

  64. Hi Jamie, I’ve been lurking and listening for a year or so now and the highest compliment I can pay you is; I’m a born an bred Brit, living in Oxford and your podcast has illuminated the dark ages better than any other resource I’ve been able to find. To my taste at least your approach is perfect. I’m a big fan of the other mainstays of history podasting and despite my initial ‘urgh!’ of which I shamefully acknowledge as baseless racism of an American describing the events and circumstances of these Isles, your work speaks for itself. It has totally won me over enough to ensure I must subscribe, or forever bear the guilt.

    P.S I’ve also enjoyed the odd ‘old fashioned’ or two as recommended

    chin chin!

  65. Just discovered your podcast. Your treatment of Julius Caesar’s adventures in Britannia was great and I look forward to many months of listening to the rest.

  66. Hey brother, first off, great podcast. I am a history major who one day wants to teach, and I get a huge amount of enjoyment, as well as inspiration on how to compellingly communicate history that matters in the future. Secondly – please cool it with the Starbucks references… You had me sold on a subscription a year ago, but I’m a deployed soldier on a cramped post and would assist a few baby seals slip their mortal coil for a Javachip Frap. I don’t care if buying from the evil Seattlite empire makes me a supporter of the left wing commies. I was doing ok with the cravings but Starbucks kept popping up in the pitch. I say the desire for that, unrequited by baristas willing to serve it, is unfair trade coffee. That aside, what you’re doing is great and engenders a sense of community among folks who, maybe like me, have a hard time finding like minded people to share their niche passion of history with. God bless

    1. Hey Justin, I’m so pleased to hear that the show gives you a sense of community. That is one of the main goals of the show, actually. I always wanted a group of fellow history nerds to talk to, so as soon as the show started taking off I thought “this is my moment to finally build a group like that!” So it’s really great to hear this, man!

      Also, stay safe over there! And as if you need another reason to stay safe, you need to make it back because the dark wizards over at Starbucks have invented a drink that, no shit, tastes like Harry Potter’s Butter Beer. (Co-Producer Zee just said “Haha, telling him about that is f*cked up!”) But seriously, if you’ve ever wondered why Americans are fat… this is why. It’s intense. And I’ll try to mix in some beer into my pitches in the future so it isn’t all coffee related.

      1. You’re welcome, I really appreciate the responses, and entreaty to stay safe. Thankfully the threat level is somewhat low at this time. The West Coast is sort of my promised land – beautiful country, and amazing scenes from intellectualism, cars, art, to extreme sports etc. and it means a lot the offer for tips on good eats and places to go. I hope the near butter beer coffee is better than Starbucks liquor, I’ll definitely give it a shot. And thanks Zee, it’s not that serious. I am a nerd more in the bent of Firefly, Star Trek, etc so were they to offer something akin to Romulan Ale I’d be going nuts. Look forward to hearing these podcasts for years to come! Take care, Þancas & Sīe þū hāl – copy and paste Old English thanks and farewell. That language is no joke, the infantryman in me loves the brutal sounding Germanic influence.

  67. Hi Jamie,

    I’ve been catching up on the old 2012 podcasts since January on the dog walk and whilst being stuck on the M25 between client visits. Thought I better join to get access to the members only audio as I’m going through the old ‘casts at a rate of 10 a week!!! I’ve just made it out of the Scotcasts and looking forward to the dark ages as I know relatively little about that era.

  68. Hi Jamie. As someone who’s never really studied history and knows little about it, I find your style very engaging and informative. Especially when you talk about your views on how history should be studied and shared (e.g. your views on the great man theory, or the Victorian historians). Love that you occasionally add music and big sense of drama when the material requires it as well. Keep doing what you’re doing! :)

    Ps. Also really enjoyed the Lovecraft reading as well. I listened to it 4 times in quick succession. Would definitely listen to other readings like it if you did them!

      1. Dear Jamie, I really do like your podcast, keep up the good work. I have noticed that even the most ardent Scot knows very little about their history. It is good that somebody can put the records right.

  69. Hi Jamie,

    I finally signed up as a member. After introducing my Mother and Brother to your podcast (I had a feeling they would love it and I was right) and after getting a 4% raise I decided it was time! I love the podcast and the way you share history. On a side note if you share my name as a new member in your next podcast it is Anna rhymes with piranha not banana… or also pronounced like the disney princess from Frozen.

    Love the work you are doing!

  70. Jamie:
    I just signed up after listening (for free) to the first 3 podcasts. Loads of my ancestors emigrated from Britain to the US from 1650-1850. I’ve always been curious about why they all left, and also, why anyone stayed. I’m hoping to learn more.

    Is there any way to easily download all 300+ podcasts? I frequently drive long distances where my internet connection isn’t always great. It’d be terrific if I could download them, put them on a CD or two, and then listen to them at leisure as I drive without worrying about internet connections. If not, that’s OK. I’m enjoying your show as it is. Thanks

    1. Any podcast app will allow for that. Just download a podcast app to your phone, subscribe to the show, download the episodes to that app, and you’ll be good to go.

      Unfortunately, there aren’t any CDs available.

  71. Dear Jamie
    Thank you for these great podcasts!

    I’m very new to it – having been introduced by my husband. I’m only on episode 13 but I’m completely hooked – had to become a member to thank you for your great work. So glad I’m only at 13 – so much to look forward to!


  72. Hi Jamie,
    found your podcast last January and have been dropping hints for birthday and Christmas since but to no avail. So I have bit the bullet – (before our dollar drops further against yours).
    Anyway love your work, I’m up to 162, not sure how much I’m retaining but obviously some by the bits of new vocabulary that keep dropping into my conversation :-)
    Cheers, Tom

  73. Hi Jamie. Hi Zee.

    Thanks very much for the effort you put into these. I’m out in Missouri, USA now, but for two and a half magical years, we lived up the hill in East Harnham, Salisbury. I worked up on the Salisbury Plain in Netheravon. I’m happily binging my way to current, and just left Guthrum holed up in Chippenham! I really enjoy your analysis, Jamie. You are narrating 3D characters, my friend – really bringing them to life again! Well done!

  74. Hi Jamie,
    244 episodes in 6 moths, feel like a guy with a Midlife crisis running around my new Tesla.
    thanks for great time.
    Bill B.

  75. Hi Jamie. I’m a new listener (just finished episode 13) but am thoroughly enjoying the podcasts. I’m just about to sit in my pool at 10.30pm in Sydney with a wine and “travel” through a bit more time with episode 14! I found out about these from my daughter’s English boyfriend so I like the link from a Brit via an American to an Australian and all that related ancestry. Thanks very much, Judy

  76. Hi Jamie,

    Take my money PLEASE! Have been listening for a month and have been thinking this podcast is too good to be free but was too lazy to sign up until just now. Happy I’m a member now and looking forward to when you eventually get to 12th century renaissance and the Beckett controversies (the focus of my studies).


  77. Hi Jamie, following BBC’s ‘In our Time’ I soon realised that I had to fortify my BH foundation. Now after catching up with BHP in what must record time (about 3 months) I notice how what I’ve learnt threads out into mainland Europe and Scandinavia where I live. Only last week . we were told on our Swedish History podcast that Alfred the Great was discontented (pissed off, you would say;) with the lack of information on northern Europe in antique geography sources. So he interviewed some vikings and added information on how to navigate intothe Baltic Sea, for the benefit of future readers. ‘Yeah, that sounds just like the Alfred Jamie told us about’, thought I. Kep it up, Jamie! Rutger

  78. I’ve been listening since around episode 40 and I finally have a credit card, so why not. I really enjoy the normal podcasts and the shop talks are especially interesting to me from the ones I’ve listened to! Really enjoy the critical analysis that comes out of them!

    1. Wow, you were with me back in those really early days then. Cool! Thanks for sticking with us for so long and for supporting the project!

  79. Finally!! Thank you so much Jamie for all your hard work and dedication to this project!! I amaze my friends and co-workers on my knowledge of British History almost daily, and that’s all thanks to you. Which I of course let them know…I give credit where it’s definitely due…lol. You rock Jamie, keep up the great work, and all the best!!!

    1. That’s awesome. I think you have a lot more forgiving friends than me. Most of mine have long grown tired of my history facts. Haha. ;)

      Thanks for supporting the show!

  80. Recently discovered this podcast, and more recently restarted gainful employment. About half way through the podcasts, thank you for starting this journey and continuing this full time. As a fellow formerly practicing attorney, I’m more than happy to help you keep adding significant value to our society through the podcast instead of returning to the practice of law.

  81. It’s taken me far too long to get round to registering. Then again, I am a Northumbrian, so a bit of chaos is allowed – right? As someone who was brought up with a deep reverence and love of the history of the UK, especially the top right-hand corner of England, I find your podcast interesting, informative and quite simply a delight. Thank you Jamie and Dr Zee for your hard work.

  82. Hey Jamie,
    Just came out of a financial dark age that forced me to let my membership lapse for a while, but I’m back and looking forward to buying some sweet swag!

    Are the shirts real comfy and soft?

  83. Hey hi from Australialalalalalala! I love your podcast so much! I’m only at the fifth episode but this is exactly the attitude to history that I’ve been wanting for the whole of my 39 years and 9 months of personal living history!

    Have you read ‘London, A Novel’? It follows a fictional familial line from Druidic times through the various ages and so on, to the modern day. It’s a good device for giving one a sense of immersion in the attemptedly-historically-accurate progression in times. It has been the most satisfying historical information I’ve had until Hillary Mantel (and Dickens – LOVE A Tale of Two Cities) and now YOU!

    I’d say more, but I’m missing out on concentrating on listening to you talk about Roman conquest of Britain. Shhhh. I gotta go.

  84. I love your podcast! You do amazing research and it is always fun listening to your stories. Thank you!

  85. Love the series of podcasts. I’ve been listening and gradually getting more serious about the subject. Actually, I was born in Edinburgh and moved to Iowa at age 4. So I’m anxious for more Scottish history. Particularly because I intend to retire there soon. I’m studying up for my big move!

  86. Jamie, I have regrettably been absent from the site for a bit, and am pleased to return as a member. I have much catching up to do, and am looking forward to it! I expect we will all be watching developments with Brexit with a unique perspective!

  87. PS, I have been recommending Dr. Zee’s dissertation regarding dissecting the news to folks everywhere.

  88. This is the happiest I have ever been to give someone my money. I’m 150 episodes in and devoted. Thank you, Jamie!

  89. Hi Jamie,

    Only discovered the podcast about six months or so ago and I’m catching up with you!
    Absolutely love what you’re doing. Keep it up! Oh and on a side note, I’m in love with North Wales and travel there frequently for outdoor sports. I love it even more now when we’re driving through the hills, as I know more of the history of the people and land. It really adds another level of connection to a beautiful part of the country.

  90. G’day Jamie. Just discovered podcasts, and so just discovered this. I’ve been downloading for free, but you really deserve credit (hence my financial support). I thought I knew ALOT about the Dark Ages (not early medieval for me) and I do, but I have learnt so much and enjoyed it even more.
    You have a brilliant way of making the confusion interesting. I grew up when it was invasion (Beaker People, Anglo-Saxons) and then the 60’s generation (rightly) questioned the paradigm. IMO it’s going to be closer to the invasion and dispossession of the Victorians (genetics seems to indicate it) but of course there was an aboriginal population that stayed put and adapted.
    PS. My Ydna indicates old British but I am not biased that way, however I think the A-S migration must have been substantial. There are so few Brythonic words in A-S (I know us English speakers are terrible with speaking other languages) but a mixed population would still use some words from the ‘others’.

  91. I have been listening the BHP for five years now, and to this day it is the highlight of my week whenever a new episode drops. I think the pace you’ve been on is perfect – just the right balance of detail, high-level perspective, and humor (with a little bit of speculation to help fill in the gaps). My fear is that one day you will reach the “end of the story”, so *please* take your time and don’t rush things.

  92. Great podcast! 100+ episodes in and didn’t realize this podcast was still going strong. I’ll gladly lend my support. Keep up the good work!

  93. I found BHP last year when I became an empty nester. My husband died 16 years ago, so I was living alone for the first time ever. The BHP has been my constant companion since then…and I’m concerned about getting to the point where I have to wait for the weekly episodes! Binge-listening makes one kind of addicted! At any rate, I’m looking forward to listening to the member’s only episodes and joining the community.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that things have been difficult, but I’m glad that the show has brought you some small degree of comfort.

      And if you run out at some point, the nice thing about podcasts is that you can always relisten (Zee and I have poured through Serial multiple times, for example) and there are also lots of other shows to discover while waiting for the next installment of the BHP (like season one of Serial).

  94. Hi Jamie, thank you for a fantastic podcast. I listen whilst traveling, mostly to and from work. I enjoy your presentation and story telling. I live and work in Surrey and Hampshire, after immigrating here from South African 20 years ago, and I find the history fascinating! Well done!

    In preparation for my first trip to the UK in July I thought I’d better get clued up on the place. I found the BHP on spotify six weeks ago. I have now maxed out the public episodes and am looking forward to devouring the members content.
    I’m Pakeha New Zealander and my ancestors migrated from those islands to these ones just a handful of generations back. It has been nice listening to the BHP to get a sense of how migration has been such an overarching feature of British history since the very beginning.
    As we say in NZ, Ka Pai to you and Zee for doing such a choice job! Tu Meke!

  96. Have less money than ever while starting a new business (like, minus amounts), but I’ve been meaning to support you for ages and after just tweeting to you about St Dunstan and my Dad, I thought I should just do it. I really appreciate what you do and how you do it. And the fact that you don’t pretend to like Blue Apron. It’s inspirational to me, starting out on my own, that you have made it work for you. Excelsior!

  97. Thought about supporting until I catched up with the episodes, but seriously, the show is SO GOOD I just felt guilty to be enjoying it so much and not contributing. Thank you Jaime (and team) you make cooking, cleaning, and pretty much any mechanical task so very enjoyable. Greetings from Mexico.

  98. Finally caught up! Your detailed recounting of the history of the Anglo-Saxon period has been absolutely fascinating. I’m an Isles C DNA wise so the roots are deep!

  99. Jamie, my American son-in-law put me on to your podcasts and I am hooked. I listen every night and fall asleep to BHP – I’m on #39 so have many to go. This means I have to rewind the next night to make sure I haven’t missed anything! How on earth do you find all the information? Your interpretations and insights bring the whole thing to life. I’m half Welsh Celt and half Anglo-Saxon and with every year I feel more drawn to the ancient ways, particularly as I live in the US now. I’m learning so much. Thank you. If you are familiar with hiraeth, that’s what you give me!

  100. In memory of the 75th anniversary of the landing of the allied troops on the coast of Normandy to liberate Europe I choose this day well( actually it was yesterday but I had to leave Starbucks to protect my bank account) to join my fellow history geeks in British history podcast membership.

    Jamie I love your presentation.I am currently listening to podcast to 266 so I’d like to say congratulations to Dr.Z on her momentous achievement.

  101. Jamie,

    I am a lad born in Essex of Lancashire stock, living in South Wales (since 11 years old) with a Scottish (or possibly Irish?!) surname – so pretty much as British as it gets!

    I have listened to your podcast for some time now – so thought it only right to support, as I absolutely love it! It took me a while to get up to date – listening on my commute to Bristol every day. It is absolutely fascinating and I love how you explain it all so well.

    As a UK citizen born and bred, I am currently counting down the years to 1066 (pretty much the first date you are taught in History lessons in Secondary (High) School in the UK!). We’re not far away now!

    One thing – my Grandad (a proud Lancastrian), who taught me to love history and took me around the country to many castles and what not when I was a younger, claimed that the Men of Harlech (of hymn fame – sung regularly at the Welsh Rugby in Wales and by Cardiff City fans (also famously featured in the film Zulu) were actually Lancastrian kinghts! i.e. that Lancastrain knights defended Harlech at some point. We are probably a way off that period podcast wise – but I am hoping you can confirm for me when the time comes! Also would be great to hear of Owain Glyndwr’s exploits too (1188?).

    You are doing an amazing job and I wish you all the best.


  102. Hi Jamie, I’ve been a huge fan for a while and your back catalogue got me through painting my entire house! I’ve finally stopped sponging and started paying you for your content (go me!) Thanks for the podcast and I owe you a drink when you do your next U.K. trip.
    Paul (near Offa’s dyke)

  103. Hi Jamie and Zee thanks so much for inspiring me to love history again! I’ve listened all the way through and like Paul above am stopping sponging and signing up!
    The battle of maldon episode was fantastic you tell the stories so well like a modern skald!

  104. Jamie! I discovered your podcast about a year ago, and it has really helped me through some boring times at work. Then yesterday something awful happened… I caught up, making it difficult to binge episodes. Luckily you had a solution for that, so I became a member. Is there nothing you can’t do? ?

    Keep up the good work


  105. So after two years of fretting that I’ve listened to the latest episode the statutory two or three times and will have to wait another four or five days for the next one, I’ve just bought a new pair of sunglasses online. They cost me over a hundred quid, I’ll probably lose them in less than a year, and I live in Ireland so I’ll never use them anyway. Why the hell do I do this but never bite the bullet and sign up for membership of the BHP?

    Sanity has at last prevailed, the bullet has been bitten, and my BHP-dependency can be fed by catching up on the members’ backlog. Maybe you should push a few more people to take the plunge by changing the wording of your plea for money at the beginning of future shows? I know you’re trying to imitate the old skalds by repeating ritual phrases at the beginning of every tale, but changing it up might put a few more coins in the bog for you.

    Look me up next time you visit Dublin and I’ll buy you both a pint too. Love the show, and am hugely impressed by the way you do your thing.


  106. Hello, I found your podcast today and knew immediately I had to join! I look forward to listening to all of the existing episodes..

  107. I just listened to the first 5 episodes of your podcast and that was enough to convince me to become a member. It’s brilliantly witty and easy follow. I can’t wait to listen to the rest of if!

  108. I’m on a bit of a backlog, only on episode 21! I’m absolutely loving this though, and I’m so thankful that you’ve made this! ❤️❤️
    Thank you Jamie!

  109. Just became a member. I listen to the BHP every day at work. I work in a industrial company that recycles electrical equipment so it’s very loud and everyone has a stereo. Almost everyone plays country music, and every one plays some form of music. I spend my day listing to BHP and generally being that history guy over their. I often summarize a episode or two. Regaling my co-workers with tales of Romans, Brits, Norseman, Welshman, and all those crazy characters from olden times. Thanks for giving us crazy, loud, country folks with your amazing podcast.

    Btw: “The king is dead, long live the King” has become a running joke in the factory. Now theirs a bunch of oily, beefy, Southerners running around screaming that over the sound of chisels, saws, hammers, country music, and the BHP.

    1. That’s excellent! One of the main reasons why I started this show was to make these stories accessible and available outside of academia. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you guys are chatting about these figures and that these tales are helping the day pass quicker. Thanks for sharing, and for supporting the podcast!

  110. Hi Jamie, 13 in I’ve committed to membership. Extremely interesting and informative podcast, being English myself we covered the Roman invasions and occupation at school, although obviously not to the level you do. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the rest of the journey with you!

  111. Still catching up (celebrated reaching Offa with a day’s walk along his dyke). Scotcasts helped make sense of a family week in Argyll – were the Scots Irish, or were the Irish Scots? Discuss… I hope I’m around to find out how it all ends?

  112. Hi Jamie. I started listening a couple of months ago. I’m listening to episode 242 right now (whatever is Alfred going to do about Hastein? I’m worried his plan for an England might not pan out. No spoilers). Thanks for putting out this show. I love the deep dives into culture. You have a great delivery and an awesome podcast voice. Just wanted to express my fandom.

  113. This podcast makes my life better. :)
    I am at episode 159, so still lots to come and at the moment I am looking forward to long drives. ;)

    I like that the show diggs deep without being dull.

    One question, so you know if you have many German listeners?

    Best regards and please keep on going.

    1. Hi Konstantin,

      Yes, we have some German listeners. I don’t know how many, though, since I don’t have individual analytics. But I do see downloads coming out of Germany, so you’re not alone. :)

  114. Hi, Jaimie. I too am a lawyer in the PNW (Seattle) and, like you, a huge fan of history. My wife and I passed through the Rose City just last weekend on the way to Ashford to see MacBeth. I’ve been listening for about a month and am on episode 99. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the exquisite detail you go into in your episodes. My motto is, “The more you know, the more you can know.” You provide me with an invaluable springboard into understanding the history of the Isles. I’ve read lots of history, but in the last few years tried to focus on British history as a microcosm of the development of culture, technology, warfare, and political ideology worldwide. I wonder if others appreciate how many hours of research and drafting are required to provide the information in each of your podcasts–as a fellow traveler in the law, I think I do. I hope my subscription helps keep you on the air and out of the courts. Best wishes. RocknLee

  115. Hi Jamie! I’ve just discovered your podcast – I’m only at the beginning, but I’m loving it – brilliant! I look forward to getting in my car every day to listen to the next episode …. it’s like a soap opera! I’m listening to Hadrian’s Wall now, and as a Scot I can’t wait to hear how you cover the Jacobites & the Covenantors! I’m more than happy to become a paid up member – keep up the great work!!

  116. Jamie,

    Glad to be back as a paying member to support the work you do. Your podcasts certainly provided much fodder for my mind whilst I was studying Archaeology and Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Studies in Scotland and they continue to spark thoughts that lead me down the research rabbit hole. I get so caught up in these tangents that I question if I’ll ever get through the entire series!

  117. I have been listening to BHP for about a year and have reached 2015, when, I feared, you were about to shut down. I was happy to see you are still in podness. I have joined your members in supporting you on a monthly basis. I expect I won’t reach 2019 for a while, so you can count on me.

  118. Thanks for all the work you put in, Jamie and Zee. I’ve been meaning to sign up for a while and just recently heard your fantastic news of becoming parents. Congratulations (belatedly) to you both.
    I’m only up to the Thunderbolt, but I’m trying to retain at least a bit of knowledge so it may be a while before I’m up-to-date. Every now and again I wonder how old we’ll all be by the end of the show, maybe your son will get in on some episodes down the road :)

  119. I just signed up using Stripe. Does anybody know how to delete my credit card information from Stripe? I love wandering through history but prefer my credit card to stay off of the internet as much as possible.

    1. If you delete your card information, your membership will immediately cancel. The card info is needed so that your subscription can continue. But the card information isn’t on my servers, or floating around on the internet. Instead, it is kept exclusively on Stripe’s secure servers, and it’s heavily encrypted so even I can’t see it. So for all intents and purposes, it isn’t on the internet anymore than your credit card is on the internet when you sign up for Netflix. :)

      – Jamie

  120. I find your podcast fascinating and humorous . I love history and hate exercising. For over a year now I have promised myself that I will not listen to any history podcasts ( I listen to a few ). unless I am actually exercising . The result has been very successful!

    And for the record yours is my very favorite. As well as the only one I have actually contributed to . I am rather cheap.

    Thank you

  121. My wife and I have listened to your podcast almost every night for the last 6 or 7 years and love your lilting voice and informative but humble style. We’ve made one off donations in the past but wanted to thank you properly for all you do and become members. I don’t even know how many thousands of hours we’ve racked up listening to your voice by now. Thank you. It’s a great podcast!

  122. Been listening on and off for a few moths now-Im addicted :)now Im a member-some of those extras just sound too good to miss-great work Jamie and Zee thankyou so much for your dedication-we are visiting UK next year from Aus and everything i have heard from you will ad another dimension to my journey

  123. Listening to your podcast and The History of the English language podcast at a rate so that they’re synced up. The Vikings are about to land and bring some new words with them. Fascinating. You deserve to be paid for your work and I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner.

  124. Just started listening to the BHP, and I am super hooked. I finally found a podcast that feeds that weird history niche that I couldn’t find after I graduated. The member is a Christmas present to myself. Happy Dies Natalis Solis Invicti. Thanks for all you do, Jamie.

  125. Hi Jamie. I have been listening to your podcast for a few months now after finishing the History of Rome podcast. I just want to thank you for all of your efforts. I am not British, rather Canadian. We did not really get much of an education on British history in Calgary. The way you cover history makes it fascinating and it also feels nice to come into this without any real knowledge on any of it. I always strive to learn new things about every topic because it’s something new and different. With the “dark ages” not really getting any popular coverage, getting as much detail as you put into each show is both astounding and exceptionally informative. I hope that you and Zee have a great holiday season and best wishes into 2020.

    Keep up all the good work.


  126. Hi Jamie

    I found your podcast on Castbox, and I am very glad it happened! The show is amazing! Going to work and back tends to rob me of 1-2hrs of time each day, and for the last few months most of this time was spent listening about Britannia, Heptarchy and Vikings. Thank you

  127. Hey, Jamie,

    A friend tipped me off, and I began at the beginning, am somewhere in the middle (Ages—right at the start of Chapter 5), and intend to stick through to the end. I absolutely adore your work. Visiting London for Christmas last week, I made a beeline for the Sutton Hoo room at the British Museum and spent a good half hour with Raedwald’s helmet—and this is from someone previously infected with Victorian fascination with the Romans at the expense of the Anglo-Saxons. My favorite episodes are deep dives into cultural minutiae, the quotidian aspects of life in Britain. But you make all these stories engaging, often truly gripping, and funny, as well. It’s now my favorite podcast, and I intend to go back and revisit chapters prior to my frequent visits to the UK. Thanks for sharing your passion, philosophical insights, and all your hard work.

    Best regards,
    Robert Stanton

    1. I’m so pleased you’re enjoying the show and that it’s shed light for you on an often overlooked era! Thank you for supporting the project!

  128. Hi Jamie
    Found the podcast on Spotify and I don’t dread being stuck in traffic all the time anymore so thank you for that.
    I started at the beginning and fast approaching the Anglo Saxons, love the podcast it’s fantastic and looking forward to the upcoming periods in British History, War of the Roses, the Vikings I’m a Yorkshire Man so these periods had a big impact an the area I come from.
    Keep up the great work

  129. My wife found this podcast a year ago and suggested I try it out, knowing it would be more my thing than hers, and I’m glad she did. I’ve spent the last year enjoying the podcast from the beginning and promising myself I would become a member as soon as I caught up. This morning I listened to the most recent episode on Cnut, so I now have fulfilled my oath, and look forward to many decades more of the podcast and centuries more of British History. Thank you for producing such an entertaining, informative, well-written, and wonderfully delivered show. Keep up the great work!

  130. Hi Jamie, I just wanted to thank you. I discovered your podcast in 2016, shortly before moving to London for grad school and, along with keeping me entertained on the long plane ride, you helped me feel like less of an ignorant American when it comes to British history. I got behind while I was in school, but, now that I am graduated and back in Portland, I thought it was about time to get caught up and become a member. Thank you for your hard work and for making this subject matter so entertaining. Your podcast is my first recommendation when friends try to tell me that history is boring!

  131. Though I’m not a British nor an American (but a Filipino-Chinese living in the Philippines, almost thr other side of the globe from where UK is),but i love history. It’s like reading a novel, but in this case, a real life events.

    I’ve stumbled upon your podcast 3 years ago and fell in love with your podcast. I love the way you spun humors within your story, which makes it more entertaining especially to those non-avid history listeners. Also your story doesn’t make history complicated to understand (especially when it comes to the dates and names), and I like it the mkst when you discuss events and daily life (outlook) of those ordinary people which most history classes and books never covers.

    Oh, and I’ve finally catch up with the latest episodes. I’ve now bought a membership to start listening to the members only feeds and hopefulky be able to catch up too.

    Keep up the good work Jamie. And congratulations to having your family (and baby).

  132. I am way too late in becoming a member! Your podcast has given me something fascinating to listen to through two pregnancies, maternity leaves, and a countless number of sleepless nights walking the floors of my house with very strong-willed and sleep-resistant babies. Thank you so much for all of the work you put into this show and sorry it took me so long to sign up.

  133. Hi Jamie, I accidentally stumbled on you podcast a few months ago and almost instantly became hooked. Thanks for the collosal time, passion and effort you invest into this project.

  134. Dear Jamie: I was sent to a French school as a child, so my knowledge of British History is patchy to say the very least. I´ve become addicted to listening to TBHP… Right now I’m listening to the bit about Aethelflaed (is that correct?). What an amazing queen! It makes me proud to think she is somehow part of my heritage… I guess when you get to the present day, and your task is finally over, I shall just start listening to it all over again, from Episode 1! :) . Thank you so much for such a wonderful show!

  135. Hey Jamie,

    Started listening to the podcast recently – it’s amazing! Well done to you and all the team in sharing your love for British History.

    My background is in Sport but hoping to complete an MA History soon – listening from Casablanca, Morocco (currently on a 5th day of lockdown!)

    Keep up the great work!

  136. I am an avid podcast listener and I love yours. BHP and Hardcore History are def my 2 favourites

  137. I just had to sign up to support you and your wonderful work Jamie. I was an English Major too, but became an International Flight Attendant for over 40yrs to continue my Education. My brother told me off your Podcast and, after listening several times, was totally enchanted. Thank you for such a wonderful delievery of dense information.

  138. Hello Jamie, my name is Noah…

    Just want to thank you for all your work, I found your podcast a couple of months ago and love the way you approach history and the detail you go to. You cover much of the areas it is hard to find information on and have filled so many gaps I had in my idea of history.
    I am a mason so essentially hit rocks for a living and it seems like my standard work day now consists of doing that in a sort of meditative like state while I try soak in all the “Aethel” and the world can muster. I am loving it! And have been fearing the day I caught up cause I know you don’t produce 8 hours of material a day… but I am here now and It has been awesome, so thank you. I can’t wait for more episodes… so we can finally get to 1066! ..Just kidding ! ;)

    You are a legend Jamie and i hope for all our sakes you can keep doing what you do ?

    1. That’s great to hear, Noah! Thank you for supporting the show, and I’m hard at work producing more content so hopefully your workday won’t be too disrupted now that you’re caught up. ;)

  139. Jamie,

    Thanks so much for all the hard work you do to put these episodes together. As a high school English teacher who teaches classes in argumentation and rhetoric, I appreciate how you question and evaluate the sources so thoroughly during the show itself. And of course, your story telling ability is amazing! I love British history, and this time of home isolation and social distancing is perfect for becoming a member.

  140. Hey man,

    I think what you’re doing is incredibly valuable. I started listening a few weeks ago, and I just got to Episode 153, An Offa You Can’t Refuse. Your shpiel at the top of the episode was brilliant and well said. If you don’t remember, it explained the pacing and style of the show as an attempt to unmake several centuries of top-down-ruling-class-bullshit-historiography. I’m paraphrasing. Anyway, that’s what convinced me to finally cough up the $4.99 a month. As an underpaid line cook who has often balked at the obscene price of scholarly articles and niche history books, I really admire your stance on the democratization of knowledge. Also it’s just a really good show. Wish I’d had some teachers like you in high school. Thanks, man. Peace,


  141. Thanks for such a rich podcast. I love listening to it when doing my housework. If you and Z ever head to Japan, let me know.

  142. I’ve been listening to this podcast for at least 5 years. It has been one of the most fun and insightful bits of media my ears have had the pleasure of hearing. I’ve recommended it to friends and family members for years, all the while neglecting to become a member. However, due to recent events, my latte per month habit has been kicked, and I figured I would be able to allocate those funds here, instead. I never really liked coffee anyway.

  143. Jamie, I just became a member. Sorry it took so long. I was inspired to come back after watching season 4 of the Last Kingdom. (I know, pure entertainment). I love hearing your voice of calm especially in these times. It helps put so much in perspective. Your are appreciated. – THANK YOU, Karen/Atlanta/GA

  144. On a scale of 1 to tragic, how bad is it the I have loved your podcasts for months…. and only just now signed up because I found your video on YouTube about how to make an old fashioned?

  145. Hi Jamie – I don’t know how I discovered your wonderful podcast but I did and quickly became enamored with it. After listening to dozens of episodes, I knew I had to subscribe – not just for the member benefits but to support your great work. I was a history major in college and am an Anglophile. My favorite period of British history is the 17th and 18th centuries. You have opened a whole new vista on early British history and it’s lively, interesting, and understandable. I’m proud to be able to contribute to your podcast and look forward to listening to hundreds more episodes. Thank you. John Shannon

  146. Hi Jamie – Discovered the BHP by googling “best English history podcasts”. Listened to your first episode and that was it, knew I’d hit the mark. Grateful that BHP means so much to you so the rest of us can enjoy this wonderful offering. Signed up as member. You make the world a good place. Cheers and thank you. Jean Kinkead

  147. Your podcast is really on another level and I’m in awe at your thoroughness and dedication. I’ve really enjoyed the detail and attention given to the less fashionable bits of British history.
    Having guiltily listened for free for a couple of years now I finally signed up today. I look forward to listening for many years to come so please keep up the fantastic work. Thank you!

  148. Jamie
    I only found your enthralling podcasts 7 to 8 weeks ago … and have been listening through times of Lockdown here in England. went through your podcast number 20 this morning.

    Your research and explanations are so thorough, and your storytelling style so natural. I learned to enjoy history more as an adult, encouraged by my wife’s love of it (she was at university studying History when we met).

    My studies have already enriched the way in which I can take aspects of local and national history to hopefully bring some to life when I am leading walking groups. Those are generally in the south of England.

    So, decided that it was good time to take up membership to support your podcast. Keep up the great work!

  149. This is one of my absolute favorite podcasts. I’m a college professor, albeit of politics, but my students love to know why things are the way the are…and this podcast gives me so many insights that I often bring up in class discussions. Also, Jamie’s wry, witty style has helped me embrace my own irreverent streak in my teaching style (which my students seem to love)! I’m more than happy to contribute in order to avoid hearing about toothbrushes and Candy Crush for the umpteenth times.

  150. Hi Jaime, I just wanted to say I’m so glad I found your podcast. I love history and already had a burgeoning interest in Old English, but the podcast has helped foster that love and open my eyes to areas of history I’d barely thought about.

    Ƿes þú hál!

  151. Hi Jamie, I’ve been listening for a year or so now and am slowly catching up. I love the stories you tell and appreciate your casual yet detailed style, and the fact you don’t dumb it down for us. I Finally bit the bullet and signed up for a membership, just at the start of listening to Ch 5, The Viking Age, one of my favourite periods. My ancestry is Scottish, English, Irish, heck probably Welsh too…I listen in my leisure time and don’t try to concentrate or memorise details, but I do well at the pub quizzes, so I must be taking in at least most of the info. I’m looking forward to many more years of your wonderful storytelling!

  152. Hi Jamie, I would just like to say, that I am a huge fan of your work! I found your podcast some time age, on my trip to London. I got hooked on immediately and loved it ever since. I promised myself to sign up when I would finally catch up (waited mostly so I can hear my name on the show :D)… I am happy that I managed eventually and I am looking forward to next episodes and extra content.

    I think you do amazing job and I admire the enormous effort and determination put into the project. BHP is my most favorite podcast by far and I just wish there would be more project like yours.

    I am a lawyer as well and I really like your backstory, reinventing yourself to do what you really love, while still keeping some of the legal approach to your sources and analyzed documents, which gives the show certain “flavour” I appreciate.

    All in all, BHP is a special and unique podcast which I love and recommend to everybody that is still willing to listen about it.

    Thank you and all the best!


    P.S.: Best regards from Slovakia!

  153. Thank you for the podcasts, Ive been listening intently whilst at home, decorating, gardening, working out, cooking dinner, constantly to be honest. They’ve been insightful and dispelled a fair few myths as well.

  154. Hi Jamie. I have been listening to your podcasts for about a month now and decided that I want to support you. I’m currently in chapter 1 with the Romans and Britannia, and am enjoying it immensely. I’ve been lost on the names of who is who for at least a couple weeks but it’s all good and I am enjoying the podcast. I’m an American currently living in the UK for the next 4 years and plan to use your podcasts to help me enjoy the weekend trips to all that Britain has to share. I’ve been to Hadrian’s Wall, Bath, a few castles, churches, and manors, and some of the Roman sites in London so far and I am constantly fascinated by the people, the architecture, and the history. Thank you for your podcast. It is just what I’ve been looking for to accompany my wife and I on our trips around the countryside.

    Side note: The countryside is so beautiful in the United Kingdom and we’ve taken up riding bicycles again to take advantage of the bicycle friendly roads and paths.

  155. Hey! *Finally * caught up with the main podcast. Thanks for keeping laundry time interesting!

    Now that I have caught up (and enjoyed your hard work), I thought it time to pay for it (and now have the members’ episodes to listen to as baby #3 arrives sometime in the next few weeks!).

    Funny story: I recently read Simon Schama’s ‘History of Britain’ and in my head, it was narrated with your voice… British History will now forever have an American twang for me (which confuses my husband no end).

  156. Your podcast is my only hope for exercising. Walking around and around the subdivision is just plain boring, but not so much when emperors are offing each other at a rapid rate!

    I just listed to your episode 25, reader questions, though, and I’m curious about the big incidents question. If you had to list one modern (1900 and forward – world wars, Cold War, EU, etc.) moment, what would it be?

  157. Hi, new member, I’ve been listening now for a couple of months, trying hard to catch up, figured I’d wait till then to sign up, which I realised was just stupid. There’s just so… much! I’m still thick into anglo saxons.

    Love the podcast, you’re essentially making up all of my 25 min drive-to-work morning moment of bliss, which is awesome (and afternoon return, before kids and wife takes over 110% of my time).

    Great job! I’m easily choosing you over a monthly latte.

  158. Hi Jamie. My family just gave me an annual membership for Father’s Day. I’ve been listening to multiple episodes a week for the past year, and am caught up to the present. Now I can listen to the Members’ episodes to keep the habit going. It made my day – the ideal gift. Looking forward to more!
    A loyal listener from Toronto (Canada!).

    Geoffrey Smith.

  159. Hi folks. Evandro from Brazil.
    This podcast was my best gift in this dark times.
    I found it totally by chance, when I decide study British History from scratch.
    It’s glad to be here.

  160. Hi Jamie! I’ve been listening for about a year, and was putting off becoming a member. I still have about 175 more free podcasts, and I was a little overwhelmed by the idea that I might add 100+ more member podcasts to that number. Then, I looked at your Twitter feed, and saw that you lost a subscriber because you are against police brutality. That made me much more excited about doing a deep dive into the Vikings. I’m not sure I would have been too excited about listening to you cover that, 19th century colonial policy, or the expulsion of the Jews without your being opposed to indiscriminate acts of terror against people who hadn’t done anything. Consider this one a win for vocal opposition to systemic oppression.

  161. Hi Jamie, Thank you for providing a thoroughly enjoyable distraction to these interesting times during lockdown You have been a pleasant companion during my daily socially distanced walks. I believed I was quite up to speed with early british history as I have read quite extensively (Stenton etc). How wrong I was. However, I do feel guiltly for delaying for so long before subscribing; my apologies for that. I now have the difficult decision to either continue with the ‘free’ episodes or play catch up with the ‘paid’ ones first. Such a delicious dilemma. Ta muchly! [and keep challenging those assumptions].

  162. I absolutely enjoy your program. If my instructors (way back when) had been as engaged in the material and present it the way you do, I would have paid closer attention. I am curious as to whether you have ever watched “Time Team” from the BBC, another great program. The series has ended, but the episodes are available on youtube.

  163. I love this podcast! As soon as I found it in late 2019 I was hooked. I have never been to the UK, but I have always been obsessed with my ancestral homeland–I can trace my ancestry back to Robert the Bruce and William the Conqueror! LOL I knew I wanted to become a member and intended to when I caught up but I just couldn’t wait. I still have a lot of episodes to catch up on, so I won’t make this any longer. Just wanted to say thank you for all you do!

  164. I found and liked the BHP a few weeks back, but you had me when you mentioned your dismay upon finding Secured Transactions on the bar exam. The law’s loss is definitely our gain. I am glad to join if, for nothing else, to allow your lifestyle to have as few purchase money security interests as possible. Thanks for the show.

  165. Wonderful podcast. With the shelter in place seeming never ending enough of fox and cnn and msnbc netflix etc. This is informative, entertaining, and no risk to my blood pressure. Jaime has a uniq

  166. A unique style of presentation that makes listening a delight. I’m so glad to have discovered this podcast.

  167. Proud to help support your podcast and looking forward to the extra content. I write this just after the episode where Cnut died (spoilers for 1000 years ago lol) and there is a power vaccuum in England. I sense bad things coming for the people of yorkshire…

  168. Hi Jamie, I’ve been listening to your podcasts throughout my cancer treatment as a distraction from the effects, which has led to a love of the periods of history you have covered, especially post Roman, which I had no knowledge of at all despite being English! It was a privilege to meet you both a few years ago in London. Thank you for presenting the history in an accessible way, more like a story than a study, but also including sources and their biases. Sorry it has taken so long to join.

  169. I’m super late to the party, did I miss the good snacks? I am not much of a podcast person but after reading and listening to a British History book/audiobook I decided to see if there was a podcast that either filled in the gaps or just expanded on other areas. Boy, are you after my own heart by doing things chronologically. I’m the kind of person who always needs to start from the beginning. When I got into comic books as a child I actively avoided the classic superhero comics because I refused to start in the middle. When I was finally convinced to watch Game of Thrones in their third season, it was only with the promise of a friend that he would give me the DVDs to the first 2 seasons. Being this way obviously makes it ~super fun~ trying to study any history outside of American history. So this/you are amazing. Thank you for this. I guess I’m a podcast person after all. I’ve only just started the journey, but I’m prepped to go the distance. Cheers!

  170. Recent convert to the BHP. Too busy partying with the Celtic monks, I guess. Finally caught up, so I thought I should probably support your work. Great show, definitely dig the in-depth style. Hope everything is well, your family is still doing fine, and that the community only grows. Keep fighting the good fight and drive back those pesky Danes!

  171. Hi Jamie, I have just joined you and started at the beginning a few months ago, better late than never I guess. I’m still a long way behind but the lockdown is giving me a chance to catch up a bit.
    A Brit by birth but living in the land downunder, learning so much about British history, I’m sure this stuff was not covered in my schooling – maybe I didn’t listen.
    Keep on keeping on, I will catch up with you eventually

  172. Hi Jamie! My boyfriend and I started listening to your podcast a week a ago, as we set off on our holiday up north. We are now on the Orkney Islands and reached episode 15. What can I say, THANK YOU for being such a wonderful travel mate! I am Italian, so I am really appreciating this initial part where Rome is for once described through someone else’s eyes. You were also able to make Jack fall in love with his country’s history, something that no professor was able to do for 30 years so.. kudos to you ?
    We became members straight away, we really hope our contribution can be helpful in keeping the BHP run for many, many more episodes.
    Can’t wait to catch up! Cheers ?

  173. Hi Jamie,
    After listening to 150+ episodes over the course of a year or so, I figured I should probably show my appreciation and become a member. As a foreigner living in the UK this dive into the British history is much deeper than I’d intended, but totally worth it! Loving all the personal stories you bring to light, rather than just dates and battles. Please keep going for a long, long, LONG time! :)
    Thank you!

  174. Hi Jamie,

    I’m about 90 episodes deep so naturally I just became a member this morning. Right on time. I think what you’re doing here is an amazing public service. My dad was a history teacher for about thirty years and has always had a special interest in British history (we’re Canadian) so I know he would love it as well. As soon as he’s mastered “finding the net” on “the machine”, I’ll be sure to get him subscribed as well.


  175. Hello Jamie.
    I’ve been listening to the BHP for a few months, I do it while driving home at the end of the day, I enjoy so much. I’ve begun from episode 1 and went on. I know I have a long way to go,sometimes I am a slow listener and have to go back a few minutes to put myself on line.
    I am listening now around episode 150, a few days back valiant King Penda was killed by horrible King Oswiu, I had the feeling that Penda and Raewald are part of your personal favorites.
    About me, I live in the Galilee, Israel, 65 y.o., work as a physiotherapist, became a member 15′ ago. Didn’t like history at school, began reading history as a grown up with Barbara Tuchman’s March of Folly, went on and on.
    A note about Archbishop Deusdedit’s name. He got his name out of Pope Adeodatus I, also named Deusdedit, which means “God has given”, who was recently deceased. I thought that the Pope’s name might be a traduction to latin of Jonathan, in the original hebrew should be spelled Ionatan or Iehonatan, there were a few persons in the Old Testament with that name, notably Ionatan, Son of King Saul, first King of Israel, according to the Bible.
    Many thanks, Jamie. :)

  176. Jamie,

    I’ve been listening to the podcast for far too long to not be a supporter. Sorry it took so long. In the humble opinion of this history loving yank, you’ve landed on the best mix of humanity, humor, and academic rigor of any podcast in it’s class. I really appreciate the way you do history. I look forward to many more years of listening to the pod and keeping the slight panic when you miss a week to a minimum.

    PS. Go Reds! YNWA

  177. Hello Jamie! I’ve burned through the podcast in a few weeks, mostly it plays day and night at home, as I cope with life as a “pandemic professor,” adapting to new online teaching environments, etc. Obviously, I’ll need to re-listen a few times, as there’s so much content to digest! I teach Medieval literature and History/Theory of Rhetoric. Looking forward to the members’ content!
    –CJ Jeney

  178. Hi Jamie, I started listening to your podcast straight after lockdown, as I needed something to occupy my time, and I have gone through 150 episodes since then, so I thought I should join. I didn’t really know any British history pre Battle of Hastings before listening to you, so it has been really interesting. Thanks

  179. Hi Jamie, I really love your History podcast, it’s fascinating and interesting. I have now become a member after listening whole series up to episode 355 and is pretty much unique the way you have managed it. Despite the fact my mother language is Spanish and additionally, I was not a history lover, your work has made me change that wrong perspective I had, and I’m currently interested to knowing the whole about the British History, including : Mary queen of Scots, Queen Elizabeth, Henry the VIII, and other important figures ! Thanks for this captivating way of sharing your knowledge !

    Jefferson A

  180. Just found this podcast Jamie and it is fantastic. I was a British history major in college and your storytelling and analysis are incredibly great. I am addicted!

  181. I’ve been listening for years (and keep going back and starting over because it’s that good – and ok I’ve got mom brain and forget things). My mental reminder to resubscribe came this morning after checking twitter. Thanks for all you’re doing both with the podcast and on Twitter.

  182. I was put onto this podcast a couple of months ago and have smashed through every episode since then. Such an interesting show with a really detailed history of things I feel I should know as a Brit! Can’t wait to hear what’s to come. It seems like you’re taking some flak from certain segments of listeners right now so I wanted to show my support for your great work, keep it up!

  183. Love this podcast. Been listening for at least 6 years. Read on Twitter about the guy who canceled and wouldn’t accept your offer of a free year because of politics. That pissed me off! So it was time for me to join the movement! Keep up the great work! Love the music, the story-telling and the personality you inject.


  184. My wife Nicola and I have listened on and off for the last 18 months. It’s about time we became members. As luck would have it, we have been travelling in our motorhome in Powys, Wales, whilst listening to episodes of the Welshcast. It has really allowed us to feel a greater understanding and closeness to the history of the hills and valleys we are travelling in. Keep doing what you’re doing, its fantastic Jamie!

  185. I’m just finishing up the episode about home construction in the Dark Ages and decided to become a member. I wish I still had my commute so I could get through more episodes! I love the podcast.

    Thanks for doing all this.


  186. Sorry it took so long for me to sign up. The BHP is just so good. Your pace is great, too–there’s so much interesting stuff that I had no idea about since the Anglo-Saxon period is always rushed over. I’ve moved to London from the US since I’ve started listening, so everything seems so much more personal–in theory (setting aside the pandemic), I could go and visit the places you’re talking about, in some cases walking to them. Small but deep in time. Great stuff, keep it up, and thank you for all the knowledge!


  187. Hi Jamie and family, I really enjoy the podcast and this is first one I’ve become a member of, not so much for the rough transcripts (I prefer the cake to be baked and served up with napkin and fork), but because I find your story about doing the podcast very interesting and prefer to support this kind of independent endeavor.
    Also, I personally find corporate sponsorships like Blue Apron gross and offensive, so good on you for finding a way around THAT!
    Re: the philistine who wants you to hurry up and get to 1066 already, well, who cares for the opinion of a philistine?
    I’ve always been interested in British history, but I’ve never come across much material about the pre Cesar period and I love it!

  188. Hi there Jamie. I have just joined the now, I have listened for a few weeks now, and now on board. I so enjoy this podcast, that I hardly listen to music anymore on the wireless, I prefer to be educated, as I get older. Love your show. Thank you Sir.

  189. I’m glad to be a productive member of society by supporting the best damn British History Podcast in this or any reality!

  190. I am proud to be supporting such a great podcast and a great person. After listening to so many episodes you feel like one of the family. Keep up the great work it is very much appreciated. Best to you and your family.

  191. Jamie finally guilted me into signing up. This podcast has been carrying me through the pandemic. Seriously, I really value and appreciate the time and thoughtfulness that’s gone into creating such a wonderful podcast.

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