You had me at "nobody would name their child ‘Flucifer’"

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    Helloooo,I just started listening about a week ago. I work in the stacks of the libraries at the University of Michigan, where I can listen to podcasts and audiobooks while doing some of the more physical work with books. This podcast strikes me as having a very compelling balance of facts presented in a delightfully gossipy manner. I also like the balance of Jamie presenting the evidence as evidence and talking about possible conclusions in a way that neither insults anyone's intelligence nor assumes that there's no room for any other interpretation. I keep going online to look up more about various topics or people presented in the podcast, but I think the podcast probably wrings out the best bits!Had to come online to express my appreciation.

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    Early history often reminds me of the ending of “Clue” – it could have happened like this, or it could have been this…  But Jamie does a great job in letting us know when things should be taken with a grain of salt, and WHY.  Welcome!

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    Welcome!I too like the way Jamie discusses topics, possible outlooks, what to take serious, what not to, etc. I also rather love the little jokes mixed into the podcasts, like "Nobody would name their child Flucifer." Think I laughed at that one for about 5 minutes straight before I could continue on the episode.

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    Hi Lola, welcome to the community!  I'm glad to hear that the show can keep you company while you're in the stacks :)

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