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    I really enjoyed this episode but I want to make a quick correction. Witches are not a solely Christian creation. Witches actually go way back to ancient Greece and was imported into roman society then into Christianity. There are a few witches in Greek Mythology, One being Cerci who turned Odysseus's crew into animals. Cerci is represented as a good witch because she was for lack of a better word dominated by Odysseus and in the end helped the hero find his way back to Ithaca. Another is Medea who helped Jason retrieve the golden fleece and married the Greek hero only to murder their children after learning that Jason was going to marry another women out of political ambition.If you want to read more about pre-Christian witches, Apuleius the Golden Ass is a humorous read and a great insight into Roman society and superstition.     

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    Thank you for the correction. :)

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