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    Hey, I'm Will. I only have a freshman high school education so don't expect much of a story. I am very interested in history, especially military and political. I have been started listening to this podcast around the 3rd episode so I thought I'd finally join the forums and in the discussion. I also listen to 'Rationally Speaking', 'History of Rome', and Short 'History of Japan'.

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    Welcome, Will!When you say you have a HS freshman education, I assume you mean you're continuing?  I think you have a lot to offer the discussion.  Don't be shy!

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    Hi William!  Welcome to the forums!Also, we all have different levels of education.  That doesn't mean that only a few of us should contribute to the discussion.  Everyone has something worthwhile to share and is entitled to join in.  So please don't feel excluded.  You aren't.  :)

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    But remember if you get a single thing wrong we will pounce on you like a pack of wild dogs  :P. Apart from that welcome to the forums. I hope you have some fun.

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