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    hi my name is will 8). i am a fan of roman britain. but my favorite epicode is the crassius episodes. i have been a fan for a year now! stay cool 8). Ayoooooo!!!!!! Oh yeah, I also live in Michigan.

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    hi i am a guy who wants to start a podcast on baltic history. i have information sources, mainly wiki, bing and google, and i will use it for, eh 10 minutes? you tell me, what sources, how longit is,  what gear should i use and how do i make a site?

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    Hi Will, welcome to the community!And as for sources, you really should try to stick to primary and secondary sources rather than wiki and google.  :)

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    thanks jamie, but how did you make your site, cause i figure it is expensive, but i will make it 10 minutes of awesome? do you mean like tassiduss, or gildes? any way, i say viking (baltic) history is just as cool as history on the Brits, even though i really enjoy the scotcast. due to vikings on conquest, they  got to go to canada,the byzantine empire, Britain, (ha), ireland, normandy, you know the plantaginist period? , it was virtally founded by vikings, (ha ha ha) please resond jamie, and mabye we have a british history VS Viking (baltic) History smackdown! 

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