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    Ooh! New board. Guess i'll pop this ones cherry.  ;DBeen really enjoying Zack Twamley's 'When Diplomacy Fails'. So many other podcasts focus on one of two things: 1) A grand overview of what was happening at the time hence leaving out a fair bit of detail.2) The wars and battles with every tactical step but missing out most of what led to the conflict in the first place.The name of Zacks podcast gives away what interests him and what he mostly talks about (Bismarck only if he had his way). This is not to say he leaves out the before mentioned points. It's just he focuses more on some of the politics and machinations taking place behind the scenes of all the action. He does this with an easy to listen to style and just the right amount of humour to make how a war starts as exciting as the actual battles. The fact he seems to love doing his podcast as well is just gravy.If you're not already listening to this i highly recommend it. My only advice is, have a generalised map of europe at the time in your head. Lots of nations are quite different to what they are now and it is easy to get lost if you don't know where everything is. Actually half the fun is hearing how the europe of today came to be, both geographically and culturally.Happy listeningAlex

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    It is a good podcast, but it can't touch Dan Carlin, Jamie or Mike Duncan for factual detail. I like When Diplomacy Falls, but he really needs to stop bloody apologising for stuff every 5 mins, drop the “Be Fit” and get a bit more detail in his stuff. I don't mind if that means stretch wars across three or four episodes. The Napoleonics could have happily covered 12 episodes instead of a very rushed 4.I'd recommend it pretty highly though, and it is nice to learn a lot about Bismark.

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