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    Hello all! I'm Wayne, and I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have always had an interest in history, but I admit public education left it kind of .. static, as it was sub par enough to not convey much information, yet solid enough I was able to AP out. Which in hindsight was something of a disservice. I find I love the way histories blend together, the interactions and shapings that add depth to the story, and the culture that emerges. The human story, if you like. I also found I get the info in my head best via Podcasts, as they tend to be more a storyteller format than a lecture. As a lover and spinner of stories myself, I appreciate this format, and having taken up Jamie's effort here first, have since expanded to over a dozen, watching them mesh. I still wait eagerly weekly for Jamie's new efforts, and enjoy trading quips on events on Twitter.  (@chaoticmuse)

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    Welcome to the community, Wayne.  Glad I could help get you into the wider history podcast circle.And those of you who follow me on Twitter have probably seen Wayne on your feeds from time to time, since I tend to retweet his pithy comments.  :)

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