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    My daughter (4 years of age) learning to drive!If you're coming over on a history/whisky/culture tour, please drive on the left. Many a tourist has come a cropper on our wee windy roads.

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    Also, be wary of the other drivers on the road such as those on whisky tours or four-year-olds with freshly minted provisional licences.  ;)

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    The last traffic collision I was in where it was my fault was in Scotland. I'd lived in the UK for a couple of years but had gone back to the states. I then returned to Scotland for business and was driving between Bathgate and Edinburgh. There was a slow lorry in front of me and I went to overtake him. Sadly there was someone in oncoming traffic. I froze up, not knowing which way to move my wheel as I was not in the habit of driving on the proper side nor the right side of the road. He had a glancing blow. My Austin with 87miles on the clock was totalled. The axle was jammed into the side of the engine. The bloke Rover Mini was also destroyed. The thing I remember most was seeing his rear tyre flying off. Thankfully no one was hurt at all and insurance covered all losses. The best part, it was a rental car. I had paid £8/day for the insurance. Avis picked up the car and had a new one waiting for me when I got to the rental counter.

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