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    I'm new here, so apologies if this show is anathema to the bhp, but there's a question I just *need to ask:What's with the metallic face masks the French royals wear sometimes?Seriously, what's the deal? I must admit that they are just so cool looking that I really hope there's some smidgen of real historical derivation happening here, but I'm guessing there likely isn't and the show-runners just thought they looked as cool as I do.Still, even if they're just supposed to look cool, what are they supposed to signify? In one scene where the king was wearing it, I can imagine he was trying to hide his expression; but, generally, they just seem to wear them to church sometimes. If they're supposed to hide their looks, they would need to be wearing them much more often.Anyway, I'm super confused and looking for any reasonable explanation here. :)

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    We just finished the season last night, and I turned to my husband and asked pretty much the same thing!  I tried Google and I just kept coming up with “Man in the Iron Mask” links.  I'm guessing that it was the king trying to hide his fear?  Was it a historically accurate thing, or just for TV – who knows!

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    I don't know what the actual deal is with that is, but now that you bring it up I want to know too! I know that mask-wearing is linked with folks with French sounding names and who speak with the archetypal "French accent" in video games. In one they explained that they all wear masks because then you words have to stand alone. The face can lie sometimes inadvertently. Sounds weird to those of us who think of masks as a way to hide and therefore deceive. Is this some kind of an old concept that modern culture has gotten ahold of and just now associated with "frenchness?"Personally thought I always thought it was more a Venice thing myself.

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