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    The original Victoria was my introduction to Paradox Interactive's absolutely smashing line of historical grand strategy games. Got it as a birthday present years ago and played it nonstop. Even now, unless a future patch or mod changes that, I still think its better than Victoria II. The newer engine Paradox released, while nicer looking and little better in some respects, actually has a less robust events system in my opinion. In Victoria, you could code historical events to fire on exact dates, so that there was some semblance of history for you to follow, or change depending on the options presented. From what I've seen, to its detriment, the newer engine removes that ability, instead opting for events to fire within a range of dates, if at all. I've also played Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis, but Victoria has always been my favorite.On another note, has anyone else heard about or played Endless Space? It's a 4X space strategy game under development by an independent group in France. One of the interesting things about their development process is that they let the community vote on certain gameplay and design aspects. It's for sale on Steam, and no doubt other places. I've been playing it for a few weeks and I quite enjoy it. Apart from the aforementioned Sins of a Solar Empire, there's a distinct lack of game space strategy games today. It kinda makes me wish Paradox would design one, along the lines of their historical games. Paradox did publish Sword of the Stars and its sequel, but I couldn't seem to get into them.

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