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    The use of signatures allows members to insert a short……you guessed it…..signature. The signature is a short message usually relating to, for instance, an interest of yours. Signatures can also be used for other purposes such as adding links to websites of your own work, however, signatures should not be used for blatant advertising purposes. Any such signatures will most-likely be removed. Go on, have a bit of fun and add a signature. It could be a famous quote, a particular book or film you like or a specific era of history your are interested inTo add a signature:1. Go to your profile, the link is at the very top of the forum next to the home and search links2. Click on the Forum Profile link3. Scroll down to Signatures near the bottom of the page4. Add/edit your signature using the standard forum formatting tools. Currently, the maximum number of characters is set to 300, which ensures your signature isn't too long. You can change the colour, font and size as well as add links, BBCode and smilies.5. Click on the Change Profile button to save your changesYour signature will appear underneath each of the posts you make.

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