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    BB Code (Bulletin Board) code is a great way to add formatting to your text, for instance, when using the 'quick reply' function that does not include any basic formatting tools inside the editor. Below shows which code produces which formatting when the page is previewed or saved. Please note that these are just a few simple bb codes you could use. To see what else you can include take a look HERE at the bb code you can use on this forum.[nobbc]Boldface text[/nobbc]......produces Boldface text[nobbc]Italicised text[/nobbc]......produces Italicised text[nobbc]Underlined text[/nobbc]......produces Underlined text[nobbc][/nobbc].......produces[nobbc]Linked text[/nobbc]......produces Linked text with different name[nobbc]

    Quoted text


    Quoted text


    Name to quote wrote:
    Quoted text[/nobbc]......produces

    Name to quote wrote:
    Quoted text

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