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    :oI would like to wish everyone a happy and fruitful "Beltane"... yes, here in Upside-Down Land, it is the Spring Equinox tomorrow -  or today -  or yesterday -  depends when you read this. So that makes is "Samhain" or something along those lines for all you Northern Normals? In Oz, this is a special time of year, where that obscure corporate psycho (you guys know the one) puts out all the Christmas candy and "gift ideas" and decorations in department stores, where my colleagues at work mince about with flowers and hayfever tablets, and I try to avoid getting bashed by the "Order of Avalon" weirdos next door who seem to seriously believe they are following an ancient Celtic religion of some description that involves them playing that song from The Craft over and over on repeat... you know, the one where those chics do the slo-mo walk towards the camera and have slo-mo breezey hair.So yaaaaaay.... the southern and northern hemispheres are having the same length of daaaaay!!! Might re-listen the "Druids" podcast to get into the swing of things -  oh christ they've started that song again...  :-X

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    Haha, that's great. :)

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