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    Elwyn York

    So I mostly got into this because I drive for a living, and that includes large parts of boring parts of the motorway network. You know, that bit on the map that has just road and ‘here be dragons’. Well, not quite. But doing it at night time when there isn’t much to see and you need something to keep you sane ;) It takes me about 7 hours from the Midlands to Livingston at a paltry 52mph and an underpowered semi (lgv) and trailer of chilled food products. Or should that be in the Picts territory?

    So I listen to a variety of stuff whilst driving and through my foray into podcasts I bounced around my other hobbies (amateur radio, 4x4s, computers, photograph) and came across this.

    So that was a few months ago and I’ve listened to the episodes back to back, usually several a day. I’m about 130-150 or so on the episodes because, well, um, I may have left it running one night in the cab when I went to sleep. Odd dreams I can tell you.


    My father got into listening to it too, and he’s roaming the world in his retirement motorhome.

    I’ll try to login when I can. And catch up on other things too.

    I’m not a bright chap, but I can keep up mostly. It’s well worth listening too ;) There may be other things I can contribute but I’ve got to dig up the sources as I only heard it in church and even now I think that my scholars at the time had it wrong…

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    hah i’ve taken to listening whilst on the daily commute too, perfect to keep your mind working eh, check out also history on fire podcasts also very good while waiting for new episodes here haha

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