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    I'm listener Tyler from Pennsylvania. I discovered this podcast back in early February. I was planning a trip to the UK and wanted to better understand the history before my trip so the sights and stories made more sense. I listened through a bunch of episodes and then got sidetracked. I had created an account with the intention of posting, but in the time it took for the account to get approved I forgot about it. Long story short over the past day or two I've been listening again and the constant plugs about the forums got me to show back up.Hoping to get through the couple unlistened to episodes I have left on my drive home tonight (working an hour and a half north of home) before my trip in a few days.

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    Hi Tyler, welcome to the forums!

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    Welcome, Tyler!  You'll be glad you have learned a bit of history before you go.  It should enhance your experience.I often have a cast or to pending, too.  :)

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