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    I'm a BHP member, but haven't really done much on the forums because I wanted to catch up first. I've now done that, and have started nosing around here. I came across a reference to a members-only forum board. How do I tie my forum membership to my podcast membership? Thanks for your help!

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    I'm out of town right now so searching through the database is a bit difficult, and so setting up might be a bit slower than usual. But the best way to go is to write to me from the email address that is linked to your membership (so i can link the database) and let me know what your forum name is.

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    I just became a member and it says to Register with forums to see members only forums but when I click on the link a new web page opens on the forums with no register button anywhere so I assume I’m automatically registered & all the topics I can see are members only which are mostly last post(s) months or weeks ago ?

    Is this correct ?

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    Yes, you’re automatically registered. That’s from the old system. I’ll update the page.

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