Troy: Fall of a City. Anyone watching?

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    Duncan Sargent

    Another historically themed offering on the BBC.

    Anyone in the UK (Or elsewhere?) Watching this or have any opinions?

    I have given the first two episodes some of my limited viewing time but have been left feeling somewhat flat. Admittedly I don’t know much about the period, but the portrayal of the appearance of the Trojans did not in anyway match my expectations of what little I have read, in particular the women and styles of hair and make-up. Now I know that they did have a reference to make-up in guessDon’t episode, but it just does not match the historical descriptions which I have read in anyway.

    I cannot speak for the men so much, they pretty much appear as I would expect warriors from Greece and the surrounding area to look, but then not sure of the era specifics of the armour as it is not my area or period. Just looked generic Greek soldier to me, could be write, I don’t know?

    So what do people think so far?

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