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    The podcast had hit upon the issue of trade with the Roman era discussion and only a little in Anglo-Saxon period. We know things like pepper could still be found in Britain, and I am pretty sure Jamie mentioned that silk was around for a period of time, but that some items were getting harder to obtain as time went on. So what was happening with trade and commerce? We hear little about even dealing with the Francs, yet we know that people where going there. One can assume that there was some sort of commerce going on, but how far away was on really able to trade and obtain goods? Were the roads to the Orient and Middle East closed to Britain at this time? Where there any large business families like we would see in the next big period of time starting to grow? More than just food rent, how were people getting goods, even locally? I guess what I am asking is beyond battles, beyond religious conversion, politics and power, how were the regular people getting on with the business of living, getting goods and creating businesses?

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    It would be interesting to have an episode on trade and how it changes from Roman Britain to Anglo-Saxon Britain. Maybe a one off episode where we compare/contrast considering we just did a recap of what's happened over the past year (show timeline year haha).I think it's been touched on in several episodes, so one would probably need to re-listen.I recall from some episodes that trade was still going on with Constantinople as coins have been found baring the emperors of the Eastern Roman Empire.  As well as trade with the continent.Although it may or may not be hard as it would more than likely be speculation based on artifacts that have been discovered and then dating those items.  Trade routes without the proper documentation may be harder to research IDK.  But it would most certainly be an interesting topic.

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