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    Hi,I'm Tony Strongman and have just joined the members of this awesome podcast. Let's hope we can get enough members to allow Jamie to keep doing the show!I am just half way through the Scotcast episodes so have the dark/dim ages and Medieval periods to look forward to.I have an interest in ancient and military history mainly. But I also love finding out about the people both rich and poor. Biographies and Genealogy perk my interest now and then for example. I wouldn't say I am an expert in any if it, but I tend to read it, tell it and forget it. Then do it all over again the next time i come across the information :)As for my own genealogy... Well it looks like we started as farm labourers in Padstow, Cornwall. Became shipwrights and moved to Market Harborough with the Grand Union canal works and ended up travelling down into London ending up in the north and east of our fair city. I'm currently a stones throw from north London so we haven't moved far in the past 100 years or so!Well, that's me! I'm not sure how much I will be around in the forums but it's just nice to be here when I am.Tone

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    Hi Tony!  Welcome to the forums!(By the way, I changed the subject of your post to your first name, so it would conform to the Category rules).

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