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    Ok, I found the one I saw about Boudica's Lost Tribe a little while ago and luckily, thanks to our new youtube mod, it can be included here. It is on the 4OD Documentaries YouTube channel so I am not sure if it is blocked in countries outside of the UK so maybe some US members could try it and see if it works.Here's the programme info:In this Time Team Special, Tony Robinson traces Boudica's story and follows a major excavation in Norfolk that may hold the key to uncovering what happened to Boudica's tribe after they were defeated by the Roman army. Boudica's tribe, the Iceni, used to make exquisite torcs: jewellery that required metalworking skills more advanced than anywhere else in the world; and they left behind some of the greatest treasures of prehistory. When the Romans threatened their way of life, the tribe dared to take on the full might of the Roman Empire. But the tribe's revolt failed and as Boudica disappeared from history so did the Iceni. Tony Robinson visits Caistor St Edmund, a small English village that 2000 years ago was known as Venta Icenorum.1[youtube]http://youtu.be/DHL8NCbRSRo[/youtube]1 Source: 4OD Documentaries

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    Just realised that embedding has been disabled  :(  but at least it links directly to the episode on youtube.

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    Watched this today gave a very good insight into the Rebellion. Also watched Saxon Gold about the Staffordshire Hoard. I find Tony Robinson annoying though.

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    I saw this today as well, good to know C4 know what they should put on for a Bank Holiday.  It was interesting to see their ideas around the Iceni village and the metal working processes.

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