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    Hi everyone! I'm Tim from Connecticut/Massachusetts, USA, and I'm a history fanatic. I'm constantly reading/discussing/playing historical mods of videogames on all kinds of time periods. Usually the periods which interest me the most are times where cultural conventions are in transition or upheaval, by war or other means. So, genesis periods (Heroic Age Greece, early Rome, early Christianity, early Medieval, Colonial Age, Industrial Revolution), civil wars (Roman Civil War, Warring States China, Sengoku Japan, American Civil War, etc.), or cultural conflicts like the Crusades or the World Wars are all my cup of tea. I do have a soft spot for the intensely introspective world of Byzantine studies though...Anyway, I also play pop music and brew my own beer so hopefully I'll fit right in ;D. Cheers everyone!

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    Sengoku Japan is a /fascinating/ period. :)And welcome to the community!

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