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    my favorite podcast! 

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    Thorough!  I enjoy the style and organization.  Could you post a timeline or visual representation?  It's hard to keep it all straight in my mind from podcast to podcast.  You have a few linguistic tics, (after all. . .) but whenever one hears a great deal from any single speaker those sorts of things will appear.  I expect I have quite a few myself.  ;)

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    Yeah, I have a boatload of linguistic tics.  Heh.  “of course” “after all” “moreover” “however” “furthermore” and a few others.  ;)  I'll try to keep an eye on it, but they tend to find a way to sneak in.A timeline is a great idea.  Let me ask around and see if someone knows how to code that up, because all I know how to do is a text list.  And I'm sure there's a better way to code it.  :)

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    Thanks for posting the timeline.  It does help to keep things straight.  After I posted last, I found this you may just wish to link to it rather than reinvent the wheel.  It's fun!

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    ……EXCELLENT!Anyone listening from the start can see how well this podcast has established itself through sheer hard work and determination on Jamie's part to provide us with intellectual, informative and witty subjects and stories (and side stories), carried along with a personality to boot. It's the personalilty that, for me anyway, comes through and makes the podcast what it is, livelier than some of its counterparts.So, good luck Jamie with the rest of the journey because it is going to take some time to cover in detail but it will be ultimately worth it  ;)

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