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    The Wanderer is filled with wonderful sounds – tho that's all I can judge since old English is Greek to me.  ;)  Carol did a beautiful job reading it both in English and old English.    This translation is not exact but I have a hard time concentrating on poetry if I can't see it so this helped me follow the English version.  The poem is dark and a little depressing, but lovely, sort of like WA state in the winter  :-[I think the scholars who question the final portion being original are too interested in cynicism for cynicism's sake.  The last section seems to fit very well with the rest of the poem. It seems consistent with the wisdom that the wanderer developed by living through the trials that he described.  It is not unusual for someone who has gone through trauma or deprivation to start thinking more of unseen matters.  I hear the comfort that this eternal perspective brought the wanderer and I'm happy for him.

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    Hi again, sorry, I didn't see the other message topic regarding the Wanderer.  And I did search for wanderer, but it didn't come up.  If you'd prefer to move this message to that thread please feel free.Neither the link above nor the one given by Kayray is the exact translation used by the reader.  Can anyone give us a link to that version?  Thanks! j

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    Here you go:'m so glad you enjoyed the readings!

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