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    My partner and I were lucky enough last week to get passes for the Tower of London's Ceremony of the Keys, well they do have 80 people every night in to observe but still! It was something else truly! Basically its the same ceremony that has been conducted every single night for over 700 years to lock the gates of the tower, without fail-well, on one occasion it was apparently 6mins late as the tower had been bombed and the chief warder actually wrote to the King to apologise! Its basically a procession whereby the Chief Yeoman gets a password directly from Buckingham palace and is escorted by armed soldiers with keys around the front walkway, taking exactly 7mins, finishing at 10pm. It's really something else to be in the tower at dusk as well! I have been to the a number of times (yep-my idea of fun!!) but I hadnt quite experienced the spookiness of the Tower til this! Sadly we couldnt take any pics  :( it was a spectacular night too as it had been raining most of the day (shocking for Britain I know!) but had stopped by this time, and the atmosphere as dark fell with the haze from the rain beside the white tower.....AMAZING!!!!HIGHLY recommend it as a must do for anyone visiting London! I'm pretty sure its free-you just have to apply in advance through the Historic Royal Palaces website have membership passes and they offer one date for members each month, think i'll be going again when the next dates are released!

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    If I put together a tour, I'll definitely try to have this on the schedule.  There's actually a pretty decent documentary on it that I saw years ago… but for the life of me I can't remember the name of it.Anyway, I'm glad you were able to see it in person and had a great time!  :)

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