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    Has anybody read this?  I just finished it.  Very interesting and easy read.  The back cover summary says:"An earl's son, plotting murder by witchcraft; conjuring spirits to find buried treasure; a stolen coat embroidered with pure silver; crooked gaming-houses and brothels; a terrifying new disease, and the self-trained surgeon who claims he can treat it.  This is the world of Gregory Wisdom - physician, magician, and consummate con-man at work in the underworld of sixteenth-century London."The most fascinating part of this book is the fact that the story is completely factual.  The story takes place during Henry VIII's reign around Henry, Lord Neville, and his hired man, Gregory Wisdom.  Henry is poor from constant losses at the gambling-houses and is stuck in an unhappy marriage at age 20.  He becomes acquainted with Wisdom through a family friend.  Wisdom tells him that he can make and enchant a magic ring that will help him recover his losses and also make much more money while gambling.  The story gets darker from there and eventually leads to Henry getting so involved in the magical escapades of his servant Gregory that he bends to the temptation to try to kill his wife and his father by magic.  It is very interesting and I highly recommend reading the book.  The book explores in great detail the seamy underworld of organized crime, sorcery, and sexuality of Tudor England.  It is a work that uncovers a part of life in Tudor England not commonly seen!- Jacob  [img][/img]

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    This sounds really good!  Thanks for letting us know about it.Susan

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    I love historical fiction! I'll definitely check out this series.

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    Richard Lyle

    One more reason why you can never trust a Neville.

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