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    Am I the only one who thinks that with the discovery of Richard III remains that the DNA that was collected could now solve the mysteries of the supposed skeletons of 'the princes in the tower'1. It could positively identify the remains as being the two princes2. If both were genetically related to Richard then it would quash the story that Prince Richard was sent away and a servant boy was put in his place 3. If there was no genetic match to Richard through male DNA but there was a match to Elizabeth Woodville's maternal DNA (this would need to be via a female to female descent of her mother and her sisters as no female to female descent survives from Elizabeth) then it would prove that Edward IV was a product of an affair and not the rightful king4. If there was no genetic match to Richard through male DNA or through Elizabeth's maternal DNA then it would prove that theyre not the princes.Although as they are buried in the tower which will rely on the queen granting permission for the remains to be disinterred and tested which she has shown not to be in favour of (this is why the DNA for the tests on the 'princes' cant be taken from Edward IV and Elizabeth directly) I don't think it will happen.Also if we are honest do we really want the mystery to be solved as I know it will stop a lot of discussions by historians and drunken history enthusiasts late at night  :D :D :D :D

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    I do love a good mystery but do love it when they are solved.I wish they would allow for testing but can't see it happening.

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