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    Okay, so I'm going to recommend a podcast I haven't been able to listen up to date yet. Or even much of a fraction of the overall number of episodes, for there are at least 301 available at present. But this is one that people interested in the nuts & bolts of history will be fascinated by: National Archives (formerly the Public Records Office) is the UK's archive centre, based at Kew in west London. They've been doing episodes since 2006, which are generally recordings of lectures given at various locations by archivists and historians recounting their work either using the archive, or keeping it. Some of it's a bit dry (usually when they start talking about how the records are kept and in which boxes they can be found), though I was amused by a description of how some of the Star Chamber records from centuries past are packed in so tightly that they burst out of the box when you open then. But there's also a wealth of great stories on every topic imaginable.What's probably most important, though, is that you get to hear some of the methods by which history is constructed - how historians figure out a story from the primary source materials.Not much chance of getting anything relevant to where the BHP is at the moment, though - I seem to recall being told that everything surviving in Old English would fit into a shoebox, so our esteemed podcaster has probably read it all already...  ;D

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    Thanks for the link, I didnt know they did a podcast and now that I've finished the history of rome today I needed something to listen to in work

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    Thanks for this – have listened to these before, didn't know they have finally made all the material available through iTunes.  Was always a bit painful searching on their website.Subjects are many and varied, and the speakers are a touch variable in quality - however the depth they go into can be excellent depending on your level of interest in a particular topic.  Helpful obviously if you are researching for genealogical or other reasons also, as they are the source record holder for huge amounts of materials in the UK.

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    Hi Brian –Thanks so much for letting us know about this podcast. I'm on my way to iTunes as we speak.  Like you said, there's surely something in there for every interest, you might just have to look around a bit.  And as someone interested in genealogy, this is exciting to me.Thanks again,Susan

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    For sure Susan – the background behind social and other issues adds so much when you are researching your family. Some good general interest stuff as well by the National Archives.  For example, they did a half hour program on the 1983 government releases recently, which covered the actual events behind the Falklands War.  Very meaningful for anyone who was in the UK at the time, such as myself! 

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