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    This was recommended to me by Alex (Frenchie) about a year ago and thought it worth mentioning here for anyone who is interested in the medieval world. The full title is The Medieval World II: Society, Economy, and Culture and although it is not a podcast, it seems to be available here (learn out but at a cost. Maybe some astute member with an interest in this subject can find a free copy of this highly recommended audio CD.Thomas F. Madden's approach to this vast subject is thorough but easy to listen to and is broken down into the following lectures:1. The Legacy of Rome and the Coming of the Germans2. Christianity Triumphant3. Monks and Monasteries4. Villas, Manors, and the Feudal System5. The Carolingian Renaissance6. Daily Life and the Family7. Gothic Architecture8. The Rise of Universities9. The Commercial Revolution and the Rise of Towns10. The Rise of Parliamentary Systems11. Courtly Literature and the Rise of Vernacular12. Heresy and Inquisition13. The Coming of the Friars14. The Black Death and Its LegacyOriginally published in 2009 as part of the Modern Scholar series.An award-winning, widely recognized expert on pre-modern history, Professor Thomas F. Madden concludes this two-part series on the medieval world. In this course, we will see the error of the commonly held assumption that the “Dark Ages” was a time of superstition, ignorance, and violence. Rather than a time of darkness, the Middle Ages saw extraordinary innovation, invention, and cultural vitality. It was the Middle Ages that gave us universities, vernacular literature, and the extraordinary beauty of Gothic architecture.To study the medieval world, then, is not only to study a time that has passed away. It is to study the birth of a new culture that would mature into the modern West. Whether we know it or not, the world we live in today is itself the product of the Middle Ages—not “Dark,” but remarkably bright.

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    Well, it is on audible, so you could set up a free 30 day membership and get it for free with your one day credit or buy it with credits if you already have an account.

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    I have already listened to this in its entirety and have a copy on my PC. I definitely recommend anyone taking advantage of the Audible option to get a free copy.

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