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    This was recommended to me by Alex (Frenchie) about a year ago and thought it worth mentioning here for anyone who is interested in the medieval world. The full title is The Medieval World I: Kingdoms, Empires, and War and although it is not a podcast, it seems to be available here (learn out but at a cost. Maybe some astute member with an interest in this subject can find a free copy of this highly recommended audio CD.Thomas F. Madden's approach to this vast subject is thorough but easy to listen to and is broken down into the following lectures:1 The End of an Empire and the Beginning of the World2. The Empire Strikes Back: Justinian I and the Reconquest of the West3. Storm in the East: The Rise of Islam4. The New Masters of Rome: The Popes5. A New Empire: The Carolingians6. Devastation Again: The New Invasions of Europe7. To Reform and Rebuild: The Eleventh-Century Reform Movement8. The Clash of Church and State: The Investiture Controversy9. The Crusades10. Growing Kingdoms: England and France11. The Rise and Fall of the Papal Monarchy12. Europe Asunder: The Avignon Papacy and the Great Schism13. The Hundred Years War14. Europe Stands Alone: The Fall of ConstantinopleOriginally published in 2009 as part of the Modern Scholar series.An award-winning, widely recognized expert on premodern history, Professor Thomas F. Madden launches the first of a two-part series on the medieval world. This all-encompassing investigation of a highly influential time period includes the major events of the era and informative discussion of empire, papacy, the Crusades, and the fall of Constantinople. During the course of these lectures, Professor Madden also addresses the rise of Islam, reform movements, and schisms in the church. In so doing, Professor Madden underscores the significance and grand scale of an age that continues to hold an undeniable fascination for people today.

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