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    I was visiting a friend of mine near Cambridge. We spent much of the time going back and forth between his place and Lotus Cars near Norwich and thus drove near the Stanford Training Area several times.  My friend told me about how the village of Stanford was abandoned during WWII to make a training facility for the war.  The idea of abandoning a perfectly good village was so strange and fascinating to me that I kept going on about it; my friend bought me the book “The Lost Villages of Britain” by Richard Muir to shut me up.It was first published in 1982.  I have the 1989 paperback printing.  There is also a 2008 (or 2009) version that I haven't seen.Most of the book covers sites much older than Stanford.  Lots of maps and pictures of the various sites and the stories behind them.  I think that this is a pretty good book on the topic.alan

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