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    I went to see The Iron Lady today.  I'd recommend it to any British History buff, although its a bit light on her actual life and career.  But Merryl Streep is very good in it and its always fun to see how Hollywood portrays these things.Anyone else seen it yet? 

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    I'd like to see it, though I doubt it will make it to Quito unless I rent it when it comes out on video.  Alan Rickman was raving about Streep's performance in an interview recently.

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    I just saw it today with a friend of mine. She is such a Maggie fan, and said it was really good, so I'll take her word for it! I really enjoyed how the story was portrayed and all that. It's was super duper good! So everyone go see it!

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    I would agree its a good film, regardless of your political opinion of her. 

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    Not a big MT fan, but this movie was very well done and MS was outstanding.  It is very sobering to realize what ill health does to even the most powerful and influential among us.

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    Not seen this yet but quite fancy it as massively into the study of politics yet I hate most politicians!!

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    I'm not a Thatcher fan so haven't actually watched this; heard different reviews though. I wouldn't say I hate politicians, more so a general disliking of the lies and BS they drip-feed us on regular basis, it's what they do…..looking out for our best interests of course!

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    I checked this miniseries out of the library and really liked it:Danger UXBIt's a period drama from 1979 about a WWII bomb disposal unit. The wartime London atmosphere it evokes brings an historical accuracy to the show that makes the stereotyped casting of some of the actors forgivable.  (the shady Cockney, dithering Vicar, horsey country aunt. etc)

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