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    I've been listening to the History of WWII Podcast by Ray Harris Jr (who appeared in the History Cage Match podcasts) for a while now so finding the new podcast recommendations area, thought I'd post it up.Ray goes into an incredible level of detail on the subject - this podcast definitely isn't for someone looking for an overview of the war but for those who want as much information as possible.  Delivered in chronological order of the major events, there were a lot of episodes covering the background to the war, the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party, Mussolini and Facism, pre-war conflicts between Japan and China and in depth diplomatic wrangling before Germany's earlier military moves before finally reaching what we (at least in Britain) would traditionally view as the "proper" outbreak of the war with Germany's invasion of Poland.Ray manages to mix high level, strategic information with snippets of individual stories which add an essential human element to the history.His vocal style is far more level and matter-of-fact than Jamie's almost conversational manner that we're all so used to and I have to cringe at some of his pronounciations of place names in France and Britain (something that he acknowledges) but these minor criticisms aside, I don't think I could imagine a podcast covering the subject of the Second World War in greater detail.

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