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    This is a really cool podcast that has been on for quite some time now. The host, Peter Adamson, is a professor of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy at King's College London but he's in Munich, Germany at the moment. In his podcast he attempts to cover the complete history of philosophy. His aim is to get to present day philosophy covering all major and minor philosophic traditions along the way. He started off with the Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophers telling stories from their lives and covering the major and sometimes also minor works written by them. He also looked at the lesser know figures and does not only cover giants like Plato and Socrates.After finishing Classical Philosphy he went on to the Hellenistic period, Late Antiquity and Ancient Christian Philosophy and is now talking about the Islamic Philosophy before he moves on to Medieval times. He does a wonderful job in breaking down the complex ideas some of the guys had and can explain them really well so that even someone who does not know anything about philosophy is able to follow him. He also frequently refers back to older episodes and repeats the main issues in so far as they are relevant or have been taken up by the person he is speaking about at the moment. He frequently has guest in the studio with whom he discusses the issues he has just covered. These are always also professors or scholars of philosophy so the podcast benefits from really good academics.You can find the homepage of the podcast here: and the RSS feed is here: iTunes you can find it here:

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    Having once been a philosophy student (for two whole terms!) what could I do but subscribe? Thanks for bringing this to my attention! And now I shall discover how much I was paying attention back then.Oh, yeah. Thales. I remember that guy...

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    One of my favourites. I just wanted to bring it to the top of the list. This is what keeps me sane at the gym (this and my trainer). Without it, I'd start to wonder what I was doing there and that can't lead to anything helpful...(Yes, BHP too, but I'm up to date here and I still have so many philodophers to go.)

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