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    The mystery of the Hallaton Helmet: Was it a trophy, gift or prized possession?Members of the public are being urged by Leicestershire County Council to write in and give their views on the mystery which surrounds the historic Hallaton Helmet.The magnificent 2,000 year-old silver-gilt Roman helmet of outstanding quality and national importance was unveiled at the British Museum last week.The helmet was buried around the time of the Roman conquest of Britain, which began with the invasion of AD43.Here are three theories about how the helmet came to be buried at Hallaton.# It was taken as a prize by the local tribe following a conflict with invading Romans.The helmet would have been a spectacular war trophy and a suitable gift for the gods worshipped at the Hallaton shrine.# Given to the Corieltavi people (local Iron Age tribe in Leics) as a diplomatic gift.Not all of the Iron Age tribes of Britain were hostile to the Roman invaders and a stunning gift like this might help to form an alliance.# Prized possession of a returning Corieltavian soldier.The Roman army often recruited skilled horsemen from local tribes. Perhaps the helmet and spare parts were owned by a Corieltavian man who had served in the Roman army and fought alongside Romans in the invasion of Britain. Not all native British tribes were anti-Roman as they saw them as a way of subduing enemy British tribes.,%20gift%20or%20prized%20possession

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    There is an article in the April edition of the BBC history magazine examining the possible nature of the gift and what this tells us about connections between Romans and Britons prior to the Claudian invasion.

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    There is an interview with the author of the article in BBC history magazine in the 12th April edition of BBC History extra podcast. Its available to download from itunes. Havent listened to it yet so dont know exactly what she covers in the interview.

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    That's a excellent find, Peter! Thanks for sharing it.

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