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    As i seem to be in competition with Chris in this board i better get on with it.This is a podcast from a man with possibly the coolest name I've ever come across next to Magnus Maximus. Laszlo Montgomery from Claremont, California (anyone who isn't American will love it when he says this in his ridiculously strong accent. It makes me giggle).As you can guess this is a podcast about China. It also seems to be the only podcast i can find about China so it's a good thing it's brilliant. China is one of those places we hear about on the news but know almost nothing about except what we can glean from kung-fu movies. Laszlo gives us a window into this fascinating country and it's history, both ancient and modern. He does jump around in time so be prepared. One week you'll be exploring the cultural revolution in the 20th century and the next he'll take you back to the founding of China by Qin Shihuang in the early 200s BC. This isn't a bad thing as he will go into great detail about his subject and the change of time period is refreshing.Word of warning (i seem to like making those about the podcasts i recommend don't i?) The Chinese names are, understandably, confusing and the geography unfamiliar. There's no real helping it so all i can offer is Laszlo's website: This gives you an index of all the names used in each episode as well as lots of other interesting details.This stuff is very different to our usual western-centric view on history so it might take a little getting used to. It is non the less incredibly interesting to see a culture as rich and varied as our own and be able to compare the differences and similarities. I can't say enough about all the amazing things I've learned from this podcast (and bored Chris with). I highly recommend you at least give it a go and i hope you enjoy it.ThanksFrenchie (as that seems to be my name on here now. Thanks Chris) aka Alex

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    I honestly didn't recognise ya Frenchie till you said you were Frenchie

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    This seems like an excellent podcast  :)

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