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    One of my favorite history podcast is the Bowery Boys, it's a podcast about the history of New York City. Rather than a chronological history of the city, each episode focuses on either a prominent New Yorker or a neighborhood or landmark, or really anything related to the city. The hosts, Tom and Greg, are entertaining and they obviously love their adopted city.Some of my favorite episodes are the series they did on New York public transportation, Alexander Hamilton, their annual Halloween episodes, and the Civil War draft riots. You don't have to be a New Yorker to enjoy this podcast.In iTunes they have two feeds, one for their most recent episodes and another feed for their older episodes, those can be found under 'NYC History: Bowery Boys Archive.' They have cleaned up the sound of their first episodes and have added photos of the places and people they are discussing.They can be found at and on Facebook at

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    This is one of the first podcasts I started listening to.  I've never been to NYC but it makes me want to go all the more.I find that if I pull New York in Google Maps it really helps me orientate myself while I'm listening to the show.  You can really tell how much fun these guys are having doing the podcast!Susan

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