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    I posted this thread in the Members forum, but I've since realized that I think this is a better place for it. Sorry for the double post!So, I was just browsing through the the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, like ya do, and I thought I might check on what's going on around the dates we're talking about in the podcast. Well, here are the several entries that stuck out to me:

    A.D. 593. This year died Ceawlin, and Cwichelm, and Cryda; and Ethelfrith succeeded to the kingdom of the Northumbrians. He was the son of Ethelric; Ethelric of Ida.

    Okay, so here we've got Ethelfrith coming into power.

    A.D. 601. This year Pope Gregory sent the pall to Archbishop Augustine in Britain, with very many learned doctors to assist him; and Bishop Paulinus converted Edwin, king of the Northumbrians, to baptism.

    Huh? Paulinus converting Edwin in 601? I found this in two online versions though I lack a hard copy. Does this mean Paulinus was sent in 601, or is this some kind of strange incongruity in the record?

    A.D. 607. This year Ceolwulf fought with the South-Saxons. And Ethelfrith led his army to Chester; where he slew an innumerable host of the Welsh; and so was fulfilled the prophecy of Augustine, wherein he saith "If the Welsh will not have peace with us, they shall perish at the hands of the Saxons." There were also slain two hundred priests, (18) who came thither to pray for the army of the Welsh. Their leader was called Brocmail, who with some fifty men escaped thence.

    So, Wessex and Sussex are fighting, and there's the monk massacre condoned by Augustine. Dick move Augustine.

    A.D. 611. This year Cynegils succeeded to the government in Wessex, and held it one and thirty winters. Cynegils was the son of Ceol, Ceol of Cutha, Cutha of Cynric.A.D. 614. This year Cynegils and Cwichelm fought at Bampton, and slew two thousand and forty-six of the Welsh.

    Cynegils killed 2,046 Welsh at Bampton?? Why? Who was he fighting? Wasn't Bampton in Mercia or Hwicce anyway? Is this even a battle, or was Cynegils just joining in on the fashionable Welsh massacres? My thoughts: He was a new king in an apparently volatile area (his father, Ceolwulf, had just warred with the South Saxons 7 years before). Maybe a good old fashion Welsh-fight was just what the young king needed to get his warbands on his side? Whatever the reason, he apparently impressed someone because he reigned for an impressive 31 years.Here are my two sources I used to cross-reference after I spotted that apparent Edwin-conversion error:The Gutenberg Project: Archive: (hey, my girlfriend used to work there!)

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