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    You may recall Jamie Redfern from his podcasts on Hannibal and Alexander (the first of which is ongoing and excellent). But he's decided to do something a bit different here. He's forsaken the ancient world and jumped straight to the present day – well, almost. While it's billed as a history of the Arab Spring (which is not much more than two years old at this moment of posting), what it's really about (so far) is the history of the Middle East from 1900 onwards. It's early days yet, but his plan at the moment seems to be to show how each of the many nations of the current day came to be – starting with the rebirth of Turkey from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire.I subscribed to this podcast for the same reason I subscribed to the China History Podcast: I really don't know enough about the region and it's history, and it's something I feel I ought to know about in order to understand the modern world. It's already given a fascinating account of Kemal Ataturk that paints him in a complex blend of hues - a legacy of constitutional government, increased freedom and social advances, but brought about by a virtual dictator who ruthlessly purged his enemies and flirted with outright Fascism.He's five episodes in. It comes out weekly. Thoroughly recommended. iTunes link:

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    I feel like I have a reasonable grasp on the ancient history of this area, but when I read the news, I'm finding that I'm very clueless.  This sounds like a very well-timed podcast, so thanks for the rec.  Jotting it on a post-it to subscribe to when I get home.

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