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    Just in case you didn't know, there are three simple ways to reply to posts. Here's how to do it:1. Reply: is the main way to reply to posts. The reply button appears at the top and bottom of each topic and when clicked will open up the main text editor with topic icons, fonts, sizes and smilies and ability to upload attachments etc.2. Quick Reply: is used for replying quickly to posts without having to open the main text editor. The quick reply box appears at the bottom of each topic as a basic text editor without the main editing functions. You can type your message straight away and when done click on preview and post. (Note: you can have this option turned on or off by default in the 'look and layout' option in your profile section.)3. Quote: should only be used if you are intending to quote another member. The quote button appears at the top right of every post and when clicked will open the main text editor with a quotation of a previous post added to your reply.If you find that a thread has gone off-topic you can always report posts by clicking on the report to moderator link at the bottom right of each post and filling out the brief form.

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    Thanks Chris, I had honestly never noticed the quick reply function, will definately be using it from now on!

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