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    Monday and Tuesday I drove solo for a total of 15 hours – with a couple of sea crossings thrown in (Channel Tunnel and the Irish Sea) from the French Alps (where I live) to Dublin (where my daughter is a student and I had with me all the junk that won't go on a plane).  All in the company of Jamie and the Anglo Saxons.  You kept me awake, alert, absorbed and amused.  It was great!  And as a late new comer to the podcast, it gave me lots of catch up time. My only concern is the dog - I fear the worst as you were broadcasting these episodes around the summer Olympics and we are now two years down the line, and I can't find his picture on the site.  :-I'm getting someone else to drive my car back and I'm flying but I am still listening every day.Candia

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    Hi Candia,I'm so pleased that the BHP has been able to keep you company on your rather long commute!  As for Kerouac, his cancer came back and I had to have him put down nearly two years ago.  I still have his collar and ashes with me next to my recording station... but I miss him every day.  The little guy got me through a lot and I've never had a companion like him.  :(Anyway, thank you for listening and welcome to the community!

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