Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 14/15 July 2018

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    Rob Gurton

    In a pub with a pint a group of history buffs noted that their village was the site of a significant battle in the Wars of the Roses “we should stage a re-enactment”. And so, the event myth continues, grey wool for kitted armour and wooden swords saw the humble beginnings of what is now Europe’s largest re-enactment. These days it is taken very seriously with this year seeing reenactors getting checked for authenticity of props.
    My son is in a Traditional English Martial Arts club and he will be “on the field”. I’ll be there watching. If any other BHP-er fancies going (Tewkesbury near Gloucester uk. 14/15 July 2018) and meeting up drop me a line it would be great to meet you.

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