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    8)Hi Everybody!!My name is Tanja ( pronounced 'Tarnya') , I live in Australia and I have a passion for Ancient History, including European mediaeval history, archaelogy, astronomy, reading copious amounts of books and riding my pet motorcycle, "Helga". I developed this passion as my parents are mad Germans from the Black Forest and have grown up on lots of fantastic stories from "the old times" when they were known as 'Alemannii' or "Latobrigi" < - my alleged tribe of descendancy. Even though Alemannen didnt migrate like the Angles, Saxons etc to the UK, I am still fascinated by British history and feel that it is an echo of my own origins. Confession to make though, I have just emailed Jamie stating that I couldnt log into or register on this forum due to the security question not liking my answers. But obviously, today i overcame such an obstacle  :-[I work as an Engineer at Melbourne Airport and currently am furthering my studies. Despite not liking Engineering, there is not much of a calling in Oz for Ancient History nutters. Am looking forward to meeting everyone on the forums, and next year, taking some great photos of the U.K on my planned "Tanja's Totally Awesome Motorcycle Tour of the U.K- 2013"...Soooo, ummm..... HI THERE!!!!!!

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    Hi Tanja, welcome to the forum.I have never been to the Black Forest myself but have seen so many fantastic photos. What I have seen though in books and online is a place of beauty and a place I would like to visit. Last time I was in Germany was passing through on the way to Hungary. It was about 30 years ago, I was a child and don't remember that part of the trip. I keep meaning to learn German as well having been to Austria and Switzerland too and loved both those countries.Look forward to seeing you around the forums  :)

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    Hi Tanja!  I'm glad that the registration woes got sorted out.  :)Wow, a motorcycle tour?  Are you going to ship Helga over there or are you going to rent?

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    Hey there, Was going to rent a VFR 800-VTEC ( and it has to be a red one ), as Helga is a bit to big to afford and insure the shipping ( from Melbourne, Australia to London, UK -she is an R1 ). Besides, I think a VFR will be much more comfortable to ride long distances. Just did the Great Ocean Road in freezing, windy and sideways rainy conditions ( never again ) over the weekend and I think I needed mechanical assistance to be hoisted off Helga, as I had frozen into the riding position. As i have noooooo idea what British weather is like during late Spring to Summer, I shall assume that it will be cold-mild with sideways rain and blustering winds around tight, windy roads ( around the Orkneys, at least ). I think layering might be the key.  :P

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    hello! I didnt even read the last few posts…but wanted to say…Ive always wanted to go to Oz myself. I had a trip mapped out years ago where Id visit several cities and somehow make it to a live showing of Rove, lol. But, that was a long time ago…before I decided to buy a house and get myself in debt and be an adult, somewhat. :(

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