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    Hello everyone, I'm Susan and I live in Duluth MN, northern United States.  Yes, it's cold up here, and yes, we've had a lot of snow this last week.I live with my dog, Angua, and two cats.  They may choose to give their names later, but who knows.  They're cats and do things according to their own lights.Who can say.My mother is a Southerner and has given me a touch of Anglophilia.  My dad was a reference librarian and gave me a love of reading and looking things up.Reading for me is prett much a vice.  What, do the dishes?  Do the laundry?  Nahhhh, I'd rather read.

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    YOu and I are going to get along great, I can feel it. I am quite the reader myself~ So which genre/ books are your favorite? I'm partial to Fantasy and historical fiction myself.

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    Susan,Welcome,I'm from Southern Alberta, yes its cold up here too ;)Diane

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